Monday, April 3, 2017

Another Month of Successes

At the beginning of the year I set before myself the goal of trying new things or just simply getting something accomplished in the areas related to art or craft, household, culinary, memory preservation, and skill acquisition.
Now another month has passed, that makes a quarter of the year gone by, and it is time to take a look at what I have accomplished.

I got off to a good start for the month of March.  On day one I tried my hand at the new skill of molding butter.  It is such a simple concept yet it took me just a bit to get them molded with the detail that I desired.  I made little rose shaped butters for Keegan's birthday party and larger heart shaped ones for a family gathering.  Simple but special.

I learned how to make palmiers
Which I made for Keegan's birthday party.
They were a huge hit.

I also tried my hand at meringues and worked on getting more comfortable with making drip cakes.

I counted each of the above as working on a skill although I could have considered them to meet my culinary goal.  However, for that particular goal I made coq au vin.  I actually made it twice.  Improving on the recipe the second time.  It was oh so good.

To meet my goal of creating something new I had intended to make a Beauty and the Beast inspired rose glitter globe for Keegan's birthday party.  I did try to but couldn't get it to work.  Also, I started a cross-stitch project.  It is a Christmas ornament.  I have had the kit for probably a decade and am now determined to just do it.

In regards to memory preservation, I updated all the frames in the house.  It was a project long in the making.  There were many collage frames that have been partially empty for years and years.   It is actually a family joke.  I had the stock photos in for quite a long time and would make up names and stories for them when the family razzed me about them.  But now there is not an empty spot nor a stock photo in sight.  Much better.

  Around the house I finished organizing all the Christmas ornaments, I refreshed the family photo display in the hallway, and I assembled some raised garden beds.

A satisfyingly productive month.

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