Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Weeks Frugal Accomplishments

April 13 - 19

Thursday:  I walked down to Panera where I had a free beverage awaiting me.  I drank some tea and made progress on a couple of books I am reading.
Herb and I went to the nature center for a nice little walk  - Vitamin D and nature, love it!
We utilized leftovers for lunch.  I had pastry pies, pasta salad and pumpkin bread.  Herb made a stir fry with leftover rice and such and Maceo had a chicken breast.
I took Maceo for a massage hoping it will help with his scoliosis as he is still skeletally immature.  There was a special last week that I missed out on but was told that if I reminded them this week they would give me that same reduced rate.  I did remind them and received $10 off the massage.  He received an hour long massage for $45.  That's a great rate and if it helps keep his scoliosis from progressing it's priceless!  While he was getting his massage I was talked in to sitting in the massage chair for a bit.  It was wonderful and so worth the price - free!
I watered the garden and checked it's progress.  The cabbage plants have nearly doubled in size.  The kale has come in quite nicely and the radishes are not far behind.  And, finally, the beets and swiss chard have germinated just a bit.  The lettuces have sprouted quite nicely as well.
For Maceo's dinner I ordered him a pizza from Domino's.  I had a free one just awaiting so I just paid $2.14 for the delivery fee.
I ushered again for Jesus Christ Superstar allowing me to see the show for free.  It was the perfect way to recognize Maundy Thursday.
Bishop made a late night pizza using items that he found in the fridge - chicken, bacon, red onion and bbq sauce.  It was really yummy! 

Friday:  My day didn't quite begin the way that I had intended but it is all good in the long run.
I woke up at 10 am - much later than I had anticipated.
I ate Herb's breakfast leftovers; it was cold but it got the job done and didn't allow for waste.
After breakfast I completed making my Easter menu, assessed the Easter basket fillings, and made a shopping list.
I went down to Panera for an iced tea and to sit and figure out my strategy for my CVS shopping and got waylaid by the arrival of a friend that I hadn't visited with in quite some time.  We sat for three hours and chatted; others joined us over time and we had quite a party going on before all was said and done.  I was gifted a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup and some chips.
I had to adjust my errand plans for the day because I spent so much time visiting.
I got Maceo's prescription refilled.  While I was at our pharmacy I picked up a couple of items for the boys baskets.  The Russell Stover chocolate covered peanut butter eggs were cheaper there than what I was going to pay for the Reese's eggs at CVS, even though those were on sale.
I returned some library books.
I was going to postpone my shopping trip but Herb really wanted me to pick up some whole milk so that he can make some whey.  I just went to the neighborhood market to get his milk and grabbed a couple of other items, to include dinner fixings, and will go to Aldi tomorrow to finish my Easter shopping.
Bishop grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner.  Probably not the most frugal meal but satisfyingly delicious and it was really helpful for me that Bishop was willing to contribute his expertise.
Maceo had another performance of Jesus Christ Superstar this evening.  I ushered which allowed me to see the show for free.
After the show Maceo's improv group performed.  That was more free entertainment.
We returned home late and in need of a snack.  I had pumpkin bread.  I prepared Maceo sandwiches using the last of the wheat bread, swiss cheese and deli ham.
I saved the bags and plastic containers.  My intention for the plastic containers from the deli meat is to use them when gifting Bishop's baklava to folks at Christmas.
I received the Easter candy mold that I ordered from Amazon and look forward to making some Easter dark chocolates for the boys baskets.  If I have some white chocolate I might make some bunnies or ducks to put on top of the carrot cake cupcakes I will be making for Easter.
Tomorrow will be a busy day.

Saturday:  It wasn't a particularly frugal day.  I went to Aldi to pick up some of what I needed to make Easter dinner.  I spent $99 - more than I had anticipated but surely we can make this last into May.
I also spent another $20.  This expenditure I am pleased with, however.  Today was the final performance of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Someone offered up a ticket for $20.  I accepted the offer and really don't regret it.  The seat was amazing, the ticket was valued at $28, and this final sold out performance was absolutely amazing.  I am so glad that I didn't miss it.
I spent the evening preparing for Easter celebrations.  I am not as organized and prepared as I have been in the past but I know that it will all come together tomorrow.
I got some food prepped, folded napkins to look as if they are bunnies and molded some chocolate candies.
I watched a couple of episodes of Doc Martin on Netflix as a way to relax between kitchen tasks.

Sunday:  Easter has arrived; our Lord has risen!!!
We dyed eggs using the eggs that survived the egg drop on Wednesday and whatever dye we could rummage up.
I used the eggs, among other things, to create a little centerpiece with the tulips that I purchased at Aldi yesterday.  I purchased a pot of six tulips for $3.  It was kind of funny - the bouquets of tulips were running $4 and the pots of tulip bulbs were priced at $3.  This was a no-brainers.  I purchased the pot and will transfer these beautiful purple tulips to my flower beds after I have finished enjoying them inside.  Lovely!
I made Easter dinner - ham, loaded mashed potatoes, green beans, asparagus, rolls, cream cheese pie, carrot cake and chocolates.
When I first became a mother I tried my hand at making chocolates.  I liked the idea of making items for my kids Easter baskets or Christmas stockings.  I bought molds and did some molding for a number of years.  I then got rid of the molds and just took to buying ready-made  candy.  Now, I am regretting not having continued with that endeavor as I am finding it handy and frugal.  I just keep a variety of chocolate bars on hand and I can use them to mold for any occasion, for ganache and for baking.  So, today I made chocolates - I made some for the boys baskets, and some to decorate the desserts and a special flavor just for the dessert buffet.
We had leftovers for dinner.
I spent a little time just relaxing and watching a bit of Doc Martin on Netflix.

See if you can spot the frog in here!

Monday:  Herb made scotch eggs for breakfast.  They were a smashing success and they are really quite economical.  He used a dozen eggs that I paid a mere forty-three cents for, some sweet Italian sausage that we paid a couple of bucks for and a minimal amount of bread crumbs.  Cheap and yummy.
For dinner he made enchilada, refried beans and spanish rice all from scratch, including the red sauce for the enchiladas.  And, I have to say, the refried beans were really amazing.
And, as a bonus, there are leftovers!
Bishop went to his culinary internship.
Maceo had preprofessional acting and rehearsal for the next production.
Maceo and I spent a considerable amount of time developing a plan for his post-high school plans and what needs to be accomplished over this next year.
We did drop a bit of money today on prom preparations - corsages and tuxes, these are not cheap things.  Sigh.
The neighbor placed three flower pots (one of them is quite large) at the curb.  I claimed them.
I listened to the Orwell lecture from the library while doing all my driving and watched a bit of Doc Martin on Netflix.

Tuesday:  Maceo and I spent the morning and early afternoon out of the house as he had to have a CT scan and needed to turn in his prom paperwork.  We became very hungry while out and did get some fast food; we didn't use the Sonic gift card or choose an inexpensive place like Taco Bell so it may have been a bit of a setback on the frugality venture.
I had $10 in Kohl's cash.  While we were out we went by the store.  I got Maceo a beard trimmer and bought a bundle of dish towels that were on clearance.  The towels are beautiful spring colored towels that have an Easter label that is why they were marked down.  They were six towels for $4.
I went by Staples to make a copy of something that Maceo needed and found that they had lip balm on clearance for fifty cents.  I bought the three that they had left.
We had leftovers for most other meals today.
Between carting Maceo to and from theatre activities, I spent the evening doing yard work.  I mowed the lawn and moved around and updated some planters.
I turned a galvanized wash tub into a planter.  Inspired by the idea of hugelkulter where one makes raised beds by mounding branches, leaves, cardboard, etc than covering with soil, I decided to fill the bottom of the tub with branches, leaves and egg cartons before adding the soil.
Into the planters I sowed nasturtium, calendula, marigold, and English daisy seeds that I had on hand.
I listened to the George Orwell lecture from the library, read a library book and watched a little Netflix.

Wednesday:  There was a picnic in the park after science group today.  I packed my vintage basket, complete with vintage plates and silverware and cloth napkins, with deviled eggs and pumpkin bread.  For dessert I made sweet biscuits for strawberry shortcakes and packed strawberries and whipped cream, as well.  I packed enough to share with everyone.  It was a pleasant treat enjoyed by all.
Herb got a pork loin out and he split it in two so as to get two meals out of it.  We had one for dinner as seared pork steaks and the other half is brining in the fridge as we speak for yet another meal.
A friend offered up some seedlings to me and I gratefully accepted.  I received four onions and eight beefsteak tomatoes.  Very exciting!
Overall, it has been a good week and I look forward to another week of intentionally frugal living.

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