Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Fourteen

April 9 - 15

Maceo and the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar performed at a church.
Maceo had troupe, teen players, preprofessional acting, and preprofessional vocal production and music theory.
Maceo had two days ofThe Addams Family rehearsals.
Bishop had his culinary internship and scouts.
On two evenings the boys made pizza.  It is like Bishop is giving Maceo late evening cooking lessons.  Maceo is trying to learn how to cook his favorite dishes in anticipation of living on his own.
Maceo went out with friends
Bishop was "abdopted" for an evening by some friends.
Bishop grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for the family and made pizza on his own one day as he is trying to perfect his pizza crust.
Maceo went to friends house
The Jesus Christ Superstar cast had a talk back one evening.
Bishop's science group met at the park and tried their hand at the egg drop challenge.  Every design was very different yet every kiddo experienced some success.

These two came in first and second, Bishop being second.
It was a beautiful sunny day and so much fun.
Bishop had pottery lessons.
He threw off the hump; he got these six pots off of one lump of clay.
These are raku pots that are awaiting firing.

Maceo performed an improv show with the Teen Players.
He actually hosted the improv show.  Fun!

Maceo had four more performances of Jesus Christ Superstar - all sold out!!!
And Strike!

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