Sunday, April 30, 2017

Prom 2017!!!

This post is extremely photo heavy.  Not every photo is of high quality and most of them are just pretty darn ridiculous but it documents the evening, at least the part that I got to witness.  I love it!

The day arrived and Maceo was looking dapper - Prom 2017.

There was boutonniere confusion

and a little corsage awkwardness.

But mostly there was a lot of fun and silliness.

Look at these handsome guys... 

 ...then look at these handsome guys fail.  Ridiculous, I tell you.

 Lots of love...

 ...and lots of good times.

 His date, Ruby, insisted on a Hurt's Donut before dinner and Maceo was a man of action...
 leading the group to the donut shop...

 ...and buying the lady a donut.

 What the lady wants, the lady gets.

 Yes, a lady after my heart insisting on a sweet treat before dinner.

 And this is where I said goodbye.  They went off to dinner.
 Then off to the prom.

Prom 2017!

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