Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Twelve

March 19 - April 1

The weather has been beautiful and we have done some outside work.  We have all worked on the garden and we have observed the bees that seem wildly attracted to our curly willow.
Also, Maceo had Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsals (at least 20 hours)
And he had vocal lessons and preprofessional acting classes.
Maceo continued to lift weights at the gym.  He also spends considerable time researching weight lifting. 

The most wonderful thing to happen during this time period was a visit from Keegan.
I took a look at the new art exhibit in the airport.

I treated Keegan to lunch at the tea room.

We watched Beauty and the Beast.
We went to Harbell's afterwards for a lot of conversation - processing and analyzing the movie.
We ate at the Aviary.
We celebrated Dad's birthday.
Bishop made brisket for Dad's birthday meal and the boys potted up garden plants that would serve as the centerpiece and be Dad's gift.
Keegan met the newest family member, Ollie.

Bishop prepared a meal for Keegan and the rest of the family.  He conceived of the meal in its entirety and carried it out to fruition.  short ribs, polenta, grilled peppers and roasted garlic.  used his torch.  plated and perfection.

We celebrated Keegan's birthday.  Bishop was essential in pulling the party together.
He made the ganache for the cake and helped assemble it.
He made vol au vents for the dinner.

We had a wonderful time with Keegan but all good things must come to an end.
After she left things returned to their normal pace.
Bishop returned to science group where they talked about Saturn's moon, Titan, and they did a couple of experiments.  The experiments failed but there is much to learn from failures.  Hypotheses were developed regarding the failures and we will attempt again in the future.

Bishop went to pottery lessons.
They both had ample time to hang out with friends.
Bishop went skateboarding.
Bishop prepared the marinated ribs two more times in slightly different ways.
Bishop viewed the movie Stanford Prison Experiment.  Afterwards, a discussion was facilitated by a local university sociology professor.  Then Bishop and I extended the conversation further.
Maceo helped with a student workshop at the theatre.
Maceo's show, Jesus Christ Superstar, opened and it has been well received.
Bishop went to watch performance of Jesus Christ Superstar.
I saw it as well and I think that it is amazing!!!

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