Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Remembering Those Who Gave Their All

Memorial Day 2017 and we seek to remember those who served our country and gave their all.
Traditionally we go to the National Cemetery.  We take flowers and each place flowers on any gravesite that compels us individually.  It is meditative in some ways and allows us to reflect on all the diligence and sacrifice that is required to maintain our liberty.    This year we opted to go to the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery which was established in 1919 and is where our black residents would be laid to rest during the days of "separate but equal".  We learned about this cemetery after researching a distinguished resident that we learned about when we viewed the World War I exhibit at our local history museum.  We learned that we had a Harlem Hellfighter buried in this cemetery so we decided we would pay our respects to this hero, Myrl Billings.  You can read a bit more about him here.

We strolled around and found several other soldier's gravesites.

Next year I really intend on taking flags and flowers to every soldier's grave at this cemetery.
I was moved by the headstone below.  Touching!
After visiting the cemetery we feasted, which is also traditional.

grilled pineapple and ribs

grilled brussel sprouts

patriotic treats
Here is the crew enjoying the feast...
...and, yes, that includes our Ladybird who had so many bones she had to start burying them.
It was a beautiful day focusing first on our nation and the sacrifices required to preserve it...
...then on family, the cornerstone of our nation!!!

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