Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Hot Chocolate Bar and a Cup of Christmas Cheer

I set up this hot chocolate bar
and we had a little fun with it this evening.

The hot chocolate bar included three different varieties of Swiss Miss and our homemade version of hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows and chocolate marshmallows,

chocolate and caramel syrups, dark chocolate chips and peanut butter chips,
and candy canes to be used as stirring sticks.

We had a guest over this evening who really enjoyed the hot chocolate bar.
His cup of Christmas cheer was made with milk chocolate hot chocolate, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, both types of marshmallows, and was topped off with a candy cane.

Bishop's cup of Christmas cheer was made with dark chocolate hot chocolate mix, chocolate syrup, dark chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and marshmallows.

I hope to be adding more goodies to the bar; there are so many possibilities.
I plan on keeping the hot chocolate bar stocked and ready to go at least through the 12 days of Christmas.
There are many cups of Christmas cheer to be had
and it will be fun to see what we can come up with!

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