Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas!

The kids awoke to a fire ablaze in the fireplace, stuffed stockings and presents under the tree.

According to tradition, the festivities begin with the dumping of the stockings.

In his stocking, Bishop received a Cardinals t-shirt commemorating his first time attendance of a baseball game. Now he has something appropriate to wear to next years games.

Then began package distribution which was done by Maceo, this years designated "wise man."
He was such a thoughtful and charming host.

Christian received a special 5-in-1 tool kit for his 72-hour emergency pack, clothes,

and these really hip glasses, gunnar glasses that are intended to help relieve eye strain for those who are on the computer a lot.

From Grandmama, Aunt Christie, and crew, he got his really cool book that has biographical sketches regarding Black Americans who have served in Congress. It is unbelievable!
Thanks guys!

Maceo received football-related video games, a football,

and Carolina Panthers gear. He is so proud of this shirt!

Bishop received an air soft gun, an r/c helicopter (which was a huge hit)

and Broncos gear. (We are a football loving family!)

Bishop has declared this to be a great Christmas, "one of the best ever, even the cat (who received special treats) thinks so!"

It was a beautiful day and a very Merry Christmas!

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