Friday, December 23, 2011

Our 14th Wedding Anniversary

Herb and I have known each other for eighteen years and have been married for fourteen.

This evening we celebrated those fourteen years of marriage and the making of a family.

We got married with Christian and Keegan by our sides - Keegan as our flower girl and Christian as our ring bearer. Keegan passed out beautiful white roses to the family members who came to witness our vows and Christian was truly proud of being responsible for the rings.
It was a small and simple affair; we were surrounded by those who loved and supported us most and I will always treasure that.

Our recognition of this special event was also simple.
I gathered all my boys around the table to enjoy a meal of lasagna, salad, and apple-pear-cranberry cobbler.
We dined on the same blue willow dishes that were used at our reception and the salad was served in the wooden bowl and with the wooden utensils that were bought in Santa Fe while we were on our honeymoon. These are items that we use routinely but I am not sure that the boys were aware of their significance until this very evening.
The crystal champagne flutes used at our wedding reception were brought out for an anniversary drink. And with that, I drink a toast to my husband, Herb, and to our fourteen years of adventures together -including the adventures of giving birth to two children and raising four, of educational adventures and those found while serving in the army, of two deployments and multiple moves and, of course, those adventures found in the common routine of everyday life together. Thanks for the dance, the years, and the years to come!


  1. HOW BEAUTIFUL! So much love there it jumps off the page at you! Thank you for sharing this with us. Congratulations on 14/18 years together.
    What a stunning bride and hot groom. Amazing couple.

  2. I have to add of the many things I love about you is how you weave your family into all of your celebrations. LOVELY to hear more about you, Tammie.