Saturday, December 17, 2011

The (Virtual) Holiday Open House Continues

I love my kitchen. It is bright and colorful with its yellow walls and green cupboard.
I particularly love it at Christmastime as it plays host to my most kitschy decorations.

Upon entering the kitchen you would find this old pew with a basket of Christmas books and fun pillows. I especially love the sock snowmen made by Maceo and Bishop.
Sometimes a boy will sit here and chat with me while I bake or prepare dinner.

My baking station is sensible and practical

...while being colorful and lively.

It encourages smiling while baking!

I love the glow of this Christmas tree that my younger sister, Christie, made for me.
It has been a part of my Christmas decorating for years and always brings me joy!

Above my kitchen sink are two large windows that now have some fabulous garland strung across them. The garland is a new addition. I bought two strands at two dollars each at a favorite thrift store. They are vintage and even have their original 'Made in Japan' tags still intact. What a great find.
On either side of my windows I have white shelves full of kitschy Christmas items.

I find Christmas elves to be irresistible.

I also have a penchant for vintage Santas...

...especially these Santa mugs and pitcher
that can be found above Herb's coffee maker.

One of my most favoritest Santas is this potholder.
It was a sweet gift given to me by Christian seventeen years ago.
As a kindergartner, he picked it out for me at his school's 'Santa's Workshop'.
It brings back such fond memories of now grown children as youngsters and of Christmases past!

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