Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Tradition Continues

Last night I placed three little packages on the table.

Packages to be opened today.
Each year I give the kiddos ornaments to be added to the tree the week before Christmas.

I try to make the ornaments representative of an accomplishment, interest or event experienced throughout the year.

Sometimes, as in the case of this football playing clown that Christian received, they are special for other reasons. This ornament was a gift to Christian's dad from Grandmama. I decided to pass it along. I know he will treasure it.
I gave Keegan something similar. I gave her a heart shaped cinnamon-applesauce ornament made by her father and I for our first Christmas tree. It is probably twenty-four years old. As she will be decorating her first Christmas tree, and doing it with very little funds, I wanted to inspire her. I even sent her the recipe and some of the ingredients to make her own cinnamon-applesauce ornaments. I look forward to seeing her Christmas tree.

As a cub scout, Bishop went camping twice this year.
I wanted to commemorate those activities.
He said that this tent looks a lot like the one he slept in during resident camp.
It made him smile.

Maceo's ornament is representative of our trip to California, and specifically our trip to the Santa Monica Pier. This ornament contains sand, shells, and even a tiny feather all collected from the beach during our visit. As I look at this ornament I can feel the sand beneath my feet and I can see my boys challenging the waves. I hope it brings back similar fond memories for Maceo.

I love this simple tradition!


  1. Tammie,
    Where have you been all my life? What a huge bundle of blooming talent, love, traditions, kindness, beauty and Bob's your uncle!
    When I saw the beautiful boys I remember swimming with them and thinking how very amazing they are.
    I was very stunned by your sweetness, beauty (it runs in the family) and kind words to me that day. We spoke about you being concerned about them bumping me in the pool. I thought to myself "AMAZING MOM". Now I know how amazing you are. I am coming over to your house and hanging out with you. I am dedicating a post to you today on my blog. At 2:00 I go to my hair artist and begin a more authentic life as a member of THE GREY HAIR CLUB FOR GIRLS. Time to stop the nonsense of coloring grey hair.
    You are an amazing writer. Is this your profession?
    You really WOWED me.
    I will look at your daughter's blog tonight.
    Let's swim soon.
    xxoo Jessy

  2. What a lovely tradition. I give the girls an ornament but never thought of giving it to them early. I love this. Clarice