Monday, August 26, 2013

Lifestyle of Learning Volume 30: It's All About the Theatre

It seems as if this past week (August 18-24) has been all about the theatre.
Maceo began rehearsals for The Little Mermaid Jr.
Already many hours have been logged at rehearsals.
Cast meeting!
Maceo also devoted a considerable amount of time at the beginning of the week preparing for his troupe audition - practicing his song and his monologue and writing his essay.
Troupe auditions happened in the middle of the week just prior to The Little Mermaid Jr. rehearsals.

Having a great time squeezing in some dinner between auditions and rehearsals!
And Maceo made it in to troupe!!!
Troupers devouring a quick dinner after doing a photo shoot for the theatre's playbill and before heading off to more rehearsals!
Maceo's spare time was spent researching musical theatre songs that are appropriate for his vocal range.  There is a lot of singing coming from his room!  I love it!

Although it was all about the theatre for Maceo it was not Bishop.  Admittedly, Bishop was left to his own devices for many hours as Maceo and I were attending to theatre business.  Bishop watched educational programming and VSauce videos.  He did a lot of sketching and constructing of stories.  (He has a very rich internal life).  He did some reading of Ender's Game and he went for some walks.
It's a good life!

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