Monday, August 5, 2013

Two Weeks Went By In The Blink Of An Eye: Lifestyles of Learning Volumes 26 & 27

Weeks July 21-August 3 centered largely around the fair and the theatre.  Bishop and I made a total of four trips to the fair logging at least fourteen hours of fair fun.  Maceo was back at the theatre for another summer program, a production of Camp Rock.

Bishop and I experienced just about everything that the fair had to offer.
There were so many inspirational exhibits.  FFA students from an outlying high school had made their own bbq pits.  That is definitely going on Bishop's list of things to learn how to do.  We learned about farming in our state and that pigs are really, really cute when racing.  And by looking at the exhibits we learned that people are really clever and that 4-H might be a fun addition to our lives.  We learned that we really don't prefer 'free ride day' because the lines are soooo long and Bishop learned that he loves the ride 'Full Tilt' in part because it gives such a good view of the rest of the fair.  It was good wholesome fun and I loved every moment spent with Bishop.

We took one last look at the exhibits on the final day and were pleased to find that Bishop's recycling project had earned a special prize.  This prize is given to one scout exhibitor each year in honor of a previous Executive Director of scouts.  He received a ribbon, a 10 dollar cash prize, a note from the namesakes wife and a mug from the previous Directors personal collection.  Bishop was thrilled!

While Bishop and I were having tons of fair fun Maceo was having a blast at the theatre preparing for and performing in a production of Camp Rock.
While preparing for the production the cast of Camp Rock had a surprise visit from Lucas Grabeel, who starred in High School Musical.  He is from this area and was part of the troupes at our community theatre.  If you so desire you can scope out an article regarding his visit and view some photos at this site.
Maceo the "camp counselor" and his kids. 
Always bittersweet - after the final performance.
As stated above, a huge amount of our time was occupied with the fair and the theatre but, of course, we found time for other pursuits.  Both of the boys attended youth group.  Bishop attended scouts, researched Minecraft and worked on developing schematics for his own Minecraft construction and continued to grill up a storm.  Bishop and I continued reading Ender's Game and we got the privilege of reading the first three chapters of a novel that Christian is writing.  Inspired by Christian Bishop began writing a tale of his own.  It is all very exciting.  Maceo viewed Joss Whedon's version of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and has been reading To Kill a Mockingbird.  Enjoying his return to the theatre, he has now decided to audition for the mainstage production of The Little Mermaid, Jr.  He has been researching and rehearsing songs for that audition.  He is also considering auditioning for troupe and is researching songs that he might want to use for that audition.   Also, late one evening I found Maceo, unable to sleep, reading a Biology textbook in bed. These kiddos of mine never fail to amaze me! 

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