Friday, August 9, 2013

More on My Birthday and the Adventure!

It seems as if the only pictures that I have of my birthday are of food.  I assure you that I was present as were my boys, Maceo, Bishop and Christian.  We were all enjoying this most fabulous feast that was prepared by Bishop.  The meal consisted of ribs, two types of chicken (one was jerked), grilled veggies, and wild rice.  It was all so fantastic.  The ribs were unbelievable!  Thank you so much, Bishop!

For dessert I had cream cheese pie, using a recipe that my Granny gave me.  The candles do reveal my new age.  View the cherry cream cheese pie as the the tens place and the plain one as the ones place, I have just turned 46!  The tiger-striped candles are in honor of my favorite football team, the Cincinnati Bengals; however, there were not enough of them so Bishop also utilized the zebra-striped candles.  He said that the Bengal tigers were hunting down the zebras; nevermind that those animals live on different continents, things are different on the continent of cream cheese pie.  I love it - it makes me smile!

Now let me finish sharing our wonderful adventure in St. Louis...
On the second day in St. Louis we went to the zoo.  It is a really beautiful zoo and it was a wonderful day with my boys.  I will make this quick and just include some of my favorite photos and not include much in the way of narrative.
This ones for you Herb - its the polka dotted and pin-striped bird that I was looking at when on the phone with you!
Aren't they adorable?!?
We had such a fantastic time in St. Louis but, as evening approached, we were all looking forward to being home.  It was an adventurous drive home considering that the interstate was completely shut down and all interstate traffic was diverted on to a much smaller road.  But we were still in good spirits as we rolled in to town and enjoyed each others company at Chili's before rolling on home. was such a good day!

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