Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Birthday and an Adventure!

Well, today is my birthday and I sit at the bakery enjoying a pastry (a gift from the bakery) and a quiche and tea (both gifts from my sweet boy, Bishop) and thinking about the adventure the boys and I had.

We spent the last two days in St. Louis.  It had been nearly twelve years since we had last been tourists in St. Louis; Bishop and Maceo were wee ones then.
We began with lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Union Station.
The Union Station grounds were really beautiful.
My boys riding the escalator 'just because'.
Then we proceeded to the DaVinci exhibit which is what prompted us to take this trip at this point in time.  This is a temporary exhibit.  It is actually one of two DaVinci exhibits that tour internationally.
Models that had been constructed based off of DaVinci's sketches were on display.  Although many of the models were not to be touched many were intended to be interactive and there were many great lessons in physics and engineering.  It was very cool!
After exploring the exhibit we decided that we should explore the arch and en route we discovered how beautiful this part of the city is.  There was some really beautiful architecture and many wonderful sculptures and water features.
And then, of course, we visited the Arch.
 What a magnificent architectural feat.
Definitely worth looking up at!
After the Arch we then sought out a hotel, which was an adventure in and of itself due to many folks being in town for the Cardinals baseball game.  Then we had some really fantastic pizza while sitting on a patio with perfect evening temperatures watching some Cardinals baseball.  What a great day it was!  I will fill you in on day two tomorrow.  Now I must go home to spend my birthday with my boys!

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