Monday, August 19, 2013

Lifestyle of Learning Volumes 28 & 29

Living and learning for the dates August 4 - August 17.

Two very busy weeks.
Maceo went directly from completing the Summer Institute to another theatre endeavor, auditioning for Little Mermaid Jr.  He attended their audition workshop and then a week later he auditioned.  He then went to callbacks which lasted more then 4 1/2 hours.  He was cast as pilot and now rehearsals will consume a great deal of our time.  Maceo has also decided to audition for the acting troupe so he has been practicing his song, searching for a monologue and writing an essay. The auditions are tomorrow and I will let you know what the results are when they roll in.
The fair is completed, Bishop picked up his entries and his winnings.  He is thrilled to have an additional $44.50 in his wallet.  He is dreaming of saving for something big, like a laptop.  He is also dreaming of a restaurant.  He spent a lot of time researching grilling, actually grilling (ribs, chicken and veggies for my birthday and brisket for Maceo's birthday) and designing a restaurant for serving up his grilling.  I hope his dreams come true.

Bishop spent time reading (still working on Enders Game), sketching and playing games.
Tangoes - love this game but it is so hard.
He went to scouts and to a friends birthday party where he got to go bowling and swimming.
And we all went to see the DaVinci exhibit
and the St. Louis arch
and the St. Louis zoo.
Add on to this household chores and projects and the celebration of two birthdays and it makes for a very busy two weeks of life!

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