Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Life has been seeming to move at breakneck speed for me since this past fall.  I have gone on two trips, am now expecting my second family visit, multiple holidays have happened, Maceo is rehearsing for his third theatrical production, we have each struggled a bit with the flu, I injured my back and life and learning have continued.  Just thinking about this presently has my mind reeling.  And reeling it has been for quite some time and also for quite some time now I seem to be consistently running a step or two (or three) behind.  And so on this Shrove Tuesday I attempted to play a little catch-up.  On this Shrove Tuesday I will recognize the final day before Lent begins - Fat Tuesday, St. Valentines Day, and the official end of our family football season.  So I set the table in a slightly schizophrenic fashion with Mardi Gras beads and masks, Valentine's treat bags, and cash payouts for our family football pickems' and a Super Bowl ring for the fantasy football champion.

We dined on football food,

had a St. Valentine's Day ice cream sundae bar,

and some Fat Tuesday paczki's.

It was a memorable feast and I feel as if I can breathe just a bit better as I feel a tad closer to being caught up.

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