Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lifestyle of Learning 2014 Edition: Volume Four

Bishop has made a decision to help me in the kitchen on a more routine basis.  He has agreed to prepare three to seven meals per week.  He will make the menus and keep them within certain budgetary boundaries.  He agreed to this on Monday and immediately began researching menu ideas.  He came up with a long list of recipes to try in no time at all.  On Tuesday he went grocery shopping with me and began his meal preparation.  The entree for Tuesday was some sort of marinated chicken wings with a dipping sauce that was to die for.  His meal for Thursday was fried chicken, roasted potatoes and peaches.  And, the piece de resistance, was Wednesday's meal.  He made his own pastrami
 and served it with onion rolls and a fresh salad.
His culinary escapades never cease to amaze me.

Bishop attended scouts and did color guard for a special council event.
Bishop and his fellow scouts with Congressman Billy Long.
He also continued with his history group where they learned more about ancient India.  He will return to studying ancient Rome this next week and in preparation for that he read a book about the Roman army and studied a small bit about Roman water clocks and the lunar calendar.  He also read books about the Greensboro sit-ins and Audubon.

Presently he is at a Boy Scouts camp out.  He will be preparing the bulk of the meals while there.  This will allow him to advance in rank.  Also, we bought him his own camera to take on this campout.  He is the troop historian and needed a camera in order to fulfill his historian responsibilities.  I look forward to seeing the pictures he returns with.

Maceo logged 16 hours of rehearsal for Shrek.  He is really enjoying this opportunity.  The cast is primarily made up of well trained, highly experienced adults.  He appreciates the professionalism that they display and is encouraged by their positive response to him.  He continues to mature as a performer and as a young man.  He also continues his private vocal instruction and the practices related to it.  We purchased him and Italian/English dictionary so that he can translate his Italian aria into English.  This will be enable him to understand better the sentiment and driving emotion behind the song.  He also watched a film-making video series.

We are working on freshening up some of our spaces.
We now have a suitcase full of ancient history inspiration
and a basket full of weather related science stuff.
As the seasons change from winter to spring our weather gets a bit wonky.  It seems like the perfect time to track our weather.  It should be fun.

I am also switching out the nature table.  Bishop has asked that the next subject matter be marine biology so I am busy scouring the house for all related stuff.  I will post it later.

Maceo, Bishop and I have all opted to enter photos in our libraries photo contest.
So each of us picked photos from among our favorite nature photos and got those entered this week.  We are pretty excited about this adventure.
We love adventure!

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