Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Living the Lifestyle with Joseph...Continued

The learning adventure continues with my sister, Christie, and her son, Joseph.
Joseph joined us for our Greek history fun day.
And Christie, Joseph and I went to the George Washington Carver National Monument, which I really recommend.  It is a delightful place and Carver is an inspiring man.
We walked the trail from which we spotted numerous entertaining birds, particularly several downy woodpeckers.
A cardinal must have met an untimely death but he left beautiful scarlet remnants for us.
We were surrounded by so much beauty.
And we had so much fun...
exploring every bit of natures offerings.

And when all was said and done Joseph had become a Junior Ranger.
It was a fantastic adventure!

They also checked out Bass Pro and its fascinating soft shell turtles,
Joseph did a second play-in-a-day at the theatre and they both managed to spend time with the rest of the family.  It has been such a joy getting to spend time with my sister and getting to know better her wonderful son!
Thanks for joining us, guys!

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