Friday, March 7, 2014

Living the Lifestyle with Joseph

What a wonderful treat we have had this week.  My little sister, Christie, and my sweet nephew, Joseph, made a trip from New Mexico for a little taste of our lifestyle.  And they jumped right in.
On the first full day here they joined us for the Wonders of Wildlife homeschool class on nocturnal, diurnal and crepuscular animals.
Joseph really seemed to enjoy the various animals that they brought out.
He also seemed to enjoy the various activities that they had made available to the children.
Of course, how could he not enjoy learning about the phases of the moon with cookies? Yum.
The skunk is a largely nocturnal animal and Joseph really enjoyed making one.  Ok, he also really enjoyed making his skunk "spray" me.
Joseph also joined us for the afternoon program at Wonders of Wildlife.  He watched Bishop dissect the rat.
The next day Joseph participated in the activity that prompted them to visit at this time, he participated in a play-in-a-day at our community theatre.  He wanted to do something at the same theatre that his cousin, Maceo, performs at.  On this particular day the theme was superheroes.  Joseph dressed as Batman.  He got to do warmups on the stage Maceo performs on.  He is on the far left in all black.  The kids wrote a play about superheroes, of course, and villains.  They performed it for us at the end of the day.  He rocked it!
It is so much fun having Joseph share in our lifestyle of learning!

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