Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume One

January 1 - 7

Bishop brought in the New Year at a friends house and slept in until noon when I picked him up.
Maceo spent the evening in Branson with some friends and returned him the following afternoon.
Maceo went to the independent theater to view Manchester by the Sea.
We celebrated Bishop's birthday.

Bishop helped assemble the drip cake for his birthday dinner.

We watched vintage Mickey Mouse movies on the old 

Maceo watched Pulp Fiction.
Maceo researched film preservation degree programs.
Christian went to a friends house for a second celebration of this New Year.
We opened presents from Keegan.  Maceo has more reading to do :)  Thanks, Keegan!

Maceo has spent more time with friends before they have to head back to school.
Maceo began Beauty and the Beast Jr. rehearsals.
I babysat my niece who is expecting any day and, due to medical concerns, cannot be alone.  I had to take her to labor and delivery triage to be checked out.  My education continues.
Maceo auditioned for SLT's school touring company.  They will be presenting Seussical Jr.  He was cast as Horton and the mayor (he will be alternating the roles, sharing them with another fella).

Bishop has been playing LOTS of Civilization 6.
Maceo watched Trainspotting.
Maceo purchased the movie Synecdoche, New York and has watched it yet again.
I have begun reading Tarzan of the Apes.
Maceo played the most ridiculous game of Duck, Duck, Goose; it was really Duck, Duck, (fill in the blank).

Maceo had his first touring company rehearsal.
Maceo had vocal lessons with two different vocal instructors.  He is preparing for his YouthFest audition.
Bishop went to pottery lessons.  He has been working on a piece that is, in part, wheel thrown and, in part, hand built.
Bishop, Christian and I played Settlers of Catan.  (I won!!!).

Christian met up with some old friends to hang out.
Maceo went to dinner and a movie with some friends.  They saw LaLa Land.
Bishop and I went to lunch with some friends and we tried a really great spicy beef dish with bean sprouts.
Maceo helped a group prepare for their YouthFest audition by rapping Aaron Burr's part in the Schuyler Sisters song during a two hour rehearsal.
Bishop went to the theater to see Moana.
Maceo went to the gym with a friend.  He went 1 1/2 miles on the elliptical and did a full body weightlifting regimen.
Bishop went to a friends house to play some games.
Christian went for a very cold walk.
We watched playoff games.
We welcomed a new addition to our family.  This sweet addition shares a birthday with her mother and Bishop!!!

Truly, life is good!!!

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