Monday, January 2, 2017

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Another day (year) older and deeper in debt.  True.  My joints ache a little more than they did a year ago and I haven't managed to conquer the debt in the way that I had dreamed.  However, another year has come and gone and much has happened - so many good and beautiful and wonderful and glorious things have happened.

My baby turned 15 years old and the other fabulous kiddos turned 17, 26 and 27.  Amazing!!!
Herb moved to Ft. Riley and, in the course of the year, began the med board process.
Christian moved to Seoul, South Korea.
Bishop and I took a road trip to Washington D.C. to pack Christian up and see him off.  We did sightseeing in D.C. and in Baltimore.  Bishop dabbed his way through D.C.
Maceo made a trip to Tulsa to audition for a professional production of SHREK:  The Musical.  He was cast as the Captain of the Guards and the head dragon puppeteer.  This led to an amazing adventure.  We lived in Tulsa for six weeks, allowing us to explore that city while Maceo earned his first professional credits and his Actors Equity EMC.
Maceo played Jafar in our community theatre's production of Aladdin Jr.
Bishop and I saw art - Andy Warhol's Campbell soup cans, the Walter's Art Museum in Baltimore, an Axel Void exhibit, the Documerica exhibit, and Moly's art exhibit. 
Maceo, Bishop and I saw special Hamilton and evolution exhibits.
Maceo and Bishop's NFL teams met at the Superbowl and Bishop's team won.
I won our fantasy football leagues Superbowl.
Bishop started his internship with a caterer.
Maceo went to loyalty and Prom.
Bishop continued growing as a potter, took raku camp and was featured in a magazine.
Bishop wrapped up his human body science group and began an astronomy science group.
Bishop continued with scouts - he toured the public safety building, attended several campouts, including the most amazing summer camp.
Maceo attended two Summer Institute's.  He was Trevor Graydon III in Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. and the Grinch in Seussical Jr.
We followed the election process closely and had hours upon hours upon hours of conversation.
Bishop saw STOMP.
Maceo did troupe and took improv classes, he began preprofessional training acting and vocal production classes, and joined Teen Players.
Bishop finished off his history group.
Bishop and I went to the WW I museum in KC and the Calvary Museum in Ft. Riley.
Bishop served at the food pantry, putting flags on graves at National Cemetery, OCC, and four Eagle Scout projects.
Maceo had a small professional acting job at a local festival playing Herman Barker.
Bishop continued pursuing all things culinary - he attended Sugar Rush, he made vol-au-vents, created his Apple Hours, many new restaurant experiences and much, much more.
I went to Brown v Board of Education historical site and to textile exhibit at SAM.
Maceo was a pirate in SLT's Peter Pan.
I made ganache, truffles, violet vinegar.
Keegan won an award for her performance in Anything Serious!
Bishop and I celebrated Diwali.
Keegan and Bishop visited Christian in Korea!!!
Christian came home for Christmas!

2016 - a big year, a full year!
2017 promises to be the same!

There will be many grand adventures.
We can anticipate Christian returning to Korea for awhile but eventually moving back to the states.
We can anticipate Herb moving home permanently.
We can anticipate Keegan coming home for her birthday.
We can anticipate Maceo and Bishop learning to drive and planning for their lives as young adults.
We can anticipate learning more and experiencing more.

At the beginning of each new year I not only look back over what we have done the year prior but I try to think a bit about what I might want to do over the new year.  It is an effort to be intentional.
I hope this year to create a little bit of art each month, to try at least one new culinary delight each month, acquiring (or attempting to acquire) a new skill each month, and organizing some aspect of our family memories each month while, simultaneously, supporting the kiddos in their endeavors, completing some household projects, maintaining rhythm, and integrating Herb back into the home.
It will be a big year -
one in which we can anticipate living, loving and learning!

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