Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Two

January 8 - 14

So begins the second week of the new year.  This week will find us leaving the rhythm of holiday and returning to our more "routine" routine, sort of.

Maceo auditioned for YouthFest.  He performed a solo, singing "If I Sing," and helped another group out by doing Burr's rap for the Shuyler Sister's song as a substitute for their rapper.
Bishop helped me assemble a charcuterie/cheese board.
We watched the playoffs.
Maceo had Beauty and the Beast Jr. rehearsals. (8 hours).
Maceo had touring company rehearsals (6 hours)
Maceo resumed Pre-Professional Acting classes and improv classes.
Bishop had his culinary internship.  He made red velvet cakes and homemade pasta!!!
Bishop went to scouts.  He practiced color guard for an upcoming Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  He also relinquished his position as patrol leader.
Maceo was selected to perform in YouthFest.
Maceo resumed troupe and teen players.
Bishop resumed science group.  We finished watching the DVD about the moon and proceeded to have vigorous conversation.
Maceo is doing script analysis of Mauritius and has read excerpts of Uta Hagen's writings.
Bishop had lunch with friends at the park, absorbing the uncharacteristic warmth of a day while being involved in shenanigans.
Bishop went to pottery lessons and worked on another wheel thrown/hand built piece.

Bishop made grilled bacon and onion sandwiches.  Oh, so yummy!!!
Maceo watched the movie The Holy Mountain.
Christian went to a friends house to play Magic.
Maceo went to his pre-professional training vocal production course.
My niece and her beautiful family stopped by so that Ollie could meet her cousins, especially her birthday buddy, Bishop.  We then went to lunch together and had great conversation.

Bishop prepared an amazing sweet curry roast.
Maceo watched the movie Jackie.
Bishop resumed drawing!
The whole family played games - Family Feud, Catch Phrase, etc
Maceo had vocal lessons.
Maceo signed up for and began preparing for Tent Theatre auditions; this would be an equity job if he were to get it!
.Maceo went to a friend's house to work on some comedy scripts.
Bishop has been playing Fable.
We watched the playoffs.
I have been working on organizing the Christmas ornaments and family memories.
Most importantly hubby returned home and we survived the ice storm.

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