Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Bit of Christmas Cheer

There is truly something special about the Christmas tree.
I love the beauty of the lights and the glittering ornaments.
I love the memories, the experiences and the relationships, represented by each ornament dangling from its branches.
I love the presents stacked beneath the tree representing love shared and new memories to be made.
I love watching the kids pull out each ornament, review the associated memory and find its special place on our tree.

As Christian is placing this ornament on the tree he is declaring it to be the best ornament as it is a 49ers ornament.
I love how my kiddos look forward to revealing each ornament regardless, maybe particularly because, of how old and familiar each ornament is.
Here are some familiar ornaments given to them by Grandmama throughout the years.
 There are purchased ones, painted ones and even those that have been handed down.
The patriotic Santa was given to Maceo last year, the painted donkey and the painted lamb were given years before, the football clown was given to Christian's father by Grandmama many years ago and I gifted it to him last year.

And others have been crafted in different ways.  The circular ornament in the top photo is made from the metal top of frozen orange juice concentrate.  When the boys were young they declared them to be medals. 
 It is the round orange ball that is of particular interest in the middle photo.  The orange fabric is actually Broncos fabric making a fabulous gift for the Broncos fan of the family, Bishop.
All the ornaments in the bottom photo are from Grandmama.  She stitched the heart ornament, it is spectacularly beautiful.
My mother is a gifted and thoughtful mother and grandmother.
We love all the ornaments you have gifted us with, Grandmama, and thank you for bringing us some Christmas cheer!

Our tree and all that it represents always brings me a bit (or more than a bit) of Christmas cheer!

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