Saturday, December 22, 2012

Upholding Family Tradition

In accordance with family tradition little packages holding new ornaments were presented this evening.
I try to gift them with ornaments that represent the year in some way.
In September Christian went on a road trip to California with Keegan.
I am hoping that it was special memorable trip, one that provided opportunity for brother and sister  to catch up with each other and to further bond.
I made Christian an ornament that represented that road trip as a way to honor that adventure.
I covered a glass ball ornament with map pieces and circled important locations related to the road trip.  I still want to add a tag of some sort or secure a picture of that trip and dangle it from the top but, overall, I am pleased with it.

For Maceo's and Bishop's ornaments I used sharpie to write on a glass ball ornament things that they have done or accomplished during the year 2012.  Maceo's had written upon it "Happy 13th Birthday", was promoted in to Concert Choir, was Homer in Charlotte's Web, saw first professional game Panthers vs. Chiefs, as well as other things.  Bishop's ornament included moved from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, went hunting with Kevin, won regular season of the CWFL (our family fantasy football league).  Each ornament was adorned with some little momento from the year; Maceo's adornment is a tag from his birthday party and Bishop's is a turkey feather from the turkey he helped to kill and dress (we ate that turkey at Thanksgiving dinner at Jennifer's house, YUM!)
I am so pleased with all of the ornaments and like the idea of making me a set that goes back through the years.
And I am also particularly pleased with a set of ornaments that I made for each one of us representing a grand adventure we had together.  To glass football ornaments I attached a copy of each individuals ticket to the Panthers vs. Chiefs games.

I know that these ornaments will only become more treasured as the years pass.  They will evoke memories of moments shared.

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