Saturday, December 29, 2012

Those Sweet Packages Revealed

Those sweet packages from my sweet boy have been opened.
Take a peek at what he gave me.
He had me open this package early so that I could use the juicer on Christmas morn.
See the little wax warmer plugged in to the outlet? That was my gift. It came with Frosty Peppermint Snow wax cubes. It smells wonderful.
A new mug and some Earl Grey tea - a perfect combo and a perfect gift.
And the warmest fluffy-lined gloves - so thoughtful.
There was another package for me as well, one that wasn't under the tree but was from all the boys.  I found those two Bengals stocking caps tucked inside a shoebox.  My boys definitely have helped fortify me against the cold winter weather.  And, I think that I have worn my Bengals-wear every day since Christmas so that my outfit will match my stocking cap when I go out.  (Now I must go do laundry so that I have clean Bengals clothes to wear for the final game of the NFL season tomorrow.)

Aren't my boys so sweet?

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