Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Open House 2012 Edition

The decorations are more simple this year
(most being left in their boxes).
The white Christmas tree returns to its place atop the tv armoire, this year decorated with nativities. 
Vintage nativities are to be found on the mantel...
and elsewhere in the living room.

Shiny baubles always make themselves at home in the dining room.

This shiny thing is one of my all-time favorite decorations - Bishop made it several years ago and it is now the first Christmas decoration to make its appearance.  I love it!

And we made a cozy spot in the dining room to read a Christmas book.

Some little Christmas houses bring a bit of Christmas cheer to the bathroom.

My kitschy elves and Santas typically take over my kitchen, invading every counter and shelf.  This year I opted to tuck a few here and there and to decorate a small tree with them.

And last, but most certainly not least, is the ceramic Christmas tree that my sister made for me.  It always gets tucked into this corner in the kitchen.  It makes me smile!
It all makes me smile!

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