Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweet Anniversary Message

Fifteen years ago today my loving and faithful Herb and I got married.
 We were unable to celebrate together but these words greeted me (via email) upon my awakening:
"Happy 15th Anniversary, Tammie!  According to traditions, the 15th wedding anniversary is Crystal.  I must admit I just looked that up.  You got wool.  But as far as I know, there are 364 days left...
No one could have made my life better than you.  no one.  You are my special gift.  any gift I can ever afford will pale in comparison to the warm hue that is your gift.
funny you are pale in skin and emit such a richness that make me look pale.
when you read this, know that I am kissing you in my mind.  know that if I were to be taken from existence and could have the ability, my last conscious focused thought will/would be of your face and name, Tammie."
Isn't he sweet?  I am a blessed woman.
I love you, Herb!

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