Monday, December 3, 2012

A Truly Grand Adventure

This weekend the boys and I had a truly grand adventure.  We have lived in Missouri for nine years and, with the exception of Maceo, had never made it to Kansas City, until now...
we went to Kansas City for some football and a little barbecue.

Hi, May I Help You?

Saturday evening we tried some world famous Kansas City BBQ.  We went to Gates BBQ where the service was friendly and the food was fantastic.  Christian and I had pork that was truly tender and tasty.  Maceo and Bishop shared a slab of ribs that looked dynamite.

Sunday we went to Arrowhead Stadium to watch our first professional sports game - Carolina Panthers vs. Kansas City Chiefs. 

Once inside the stadium we found our seats and...

had the opportunity to watch warmups from the front row!

Cam Newton!

Steve Smith!

For the fifteenth consecutive time the Panthers lost the coin toss so the Chiefs got the first possession.  They scored on this possession, right in the end zone that we were seated by.

The Panthers responded with a touchdown of their own!

Then, after allowing the Chiefs to score a field goal, the Panthers scored a second touchdown.  We got to see an amazing catch in the end zone by Steve Smith!
The score at this point was a very exciting 14-10 but it didn't stay that way for long.  We got to see Cam Newton run the ball for several first downs and complete the drive with a touchdown pass to Murphy.  We got to see Brady Quinn have a great game connecting with Hillis, Moeaki, and Baldwin.  And we got to see Ryan Succop make a couple of field goals.  And, in the end, we got to see the Kansas City Chiefs win with a final score of 27-21.

Considering the fact that the Carolina Panthers are Maceo's favorite team we would have loved to have seen them win; nevertheless, we had a great time
and a truly grand adventure!!!

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