Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just a Few Frugal Accomplishments

I haven't done a very good job of tracking my frugal accomplishments.  I may not have even had very accomplishments but here are a few - every little bit counts, right?

-The two hens that I have are laying routinely.  I love that.  However, I did buy four dozen eggs while I was at Aldi because they were priced under $2 per dozen.  Those eggs will come in handy as we head into the holidays.

-We used resources we had on hand to provide an activity/experience for the other kiddos in Bishop's history group.  We studied some French history so Bishop and I made crepes, scrounged up a variety of options for fillings and toppings and encouraged the kiddos to make their own signature crepe.  It went over very well.  The kids loved it and Bishop and I learned that crepes aren't that difficult to make.  We will be making them again soon, maybe even routinely.

-I have been eating leftovers routinely, even if I have allowed the boys to eat out.  I have had chicken cacciatore, bean dip with chips and crepes.  Living the good life I tell you!

-As per usual, leftover-leftovers have been given to the hens.

-There was some cooking fat leftover that I didn't think was suitable for use in further cooking so I have been doling it out to the dog in dribs and drabs, pouring it over her dry food.  She loves it and I think it helps when her paws are dry, which they are presently.

-Still trying to keep the heater turned down.  The space heater helps tremendously.

-Maceo has seen several productions this week on the cheap.  He saw a show at a local university for $7 and then another one at a high school for a mere $5.  It is a good way to be entertained inexpensively.  We also consider it part of Maceo's education.  It's a win-win.

-When preparing meals I like to make premeditated leftovers, if not of entire dishes thean at least of elements that can be used in other meals.  I made penne with marinara sauce for dinner one night.  I served it with garlic bread made from some nice bread that I had previously used for grilled cheese sandwiches.  While making the sauce i cooked up two pounds of beef when i only needed one.  I have set that aside for another meal.  I also cooked up twice as much pasta as I needed.  I used that pasta to make a pasta salad that I served with several meals.

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