Saturday, November 7, 2015

Moving Forward Toward Financial Fitness One Small Step at a Time

Sunday:  Last night we went to a neighboring town to spend Halloween with some friends.  I noted that the gasoline prices were about eight cents cheaper there so I filled up the gas tank of the Jeep.  I was really quite low on fuel so it was nice to be able to get such a good price on gas.

Maceo's final show of Huck Finn was today.  I worked the boutique at the community theatre which entitled me to watch the show for free. 

Afterwards I went home to watch my Bengals beat the Steelers, a game that I DVR'd.  Then we went to Applebees for half-price appetizers and to watch the Broncos defeat the Packers and the Royals win the World Series.

Monday:  I scheduled the bills to be paid today.  I paid extra money on two student loans and on the mortgage.  Also, all summer, a summer without air conditioning, I paid extra on my utility bill.  I paid a flat rate regardless of what the bill was.  I now have a fifty dollar credit on my utility bill but I will continue to pay that flat rate in hopes that I will have a buffer built in for the winter.  Our utility bill always goes up significantly in the winter and I want to be prepared for that.

Additionally, we have begun to experience cooler temperatures and I find that I need to drive the chill out of the house.  I turn the heater on periodically but primarily rely on a space heater in the room in which we are hanging out in.

I made sausage and french toast for breakfast.  It had been quite some time since I had made french toast.  I need to do it more often.  I think I will get pancakes on the menu and serve the remainder of the sausage with it.

Tuesday:  I fried up some chicken the other day.  Half of the fried chicken was served with some jasmine rice that Bishop cooked up.  Today I used the rest of the chicken to make some chicken cacciatore.  I used some diced green onions and bell peppers that I had in the freezer.  I also threw in two whole tomatoes that I had tossed into the freezer to keep them from going bad.  I served the whole shebang over the leftover jasmine rice.  Yum!

I cleaned out the freezer and inventoried its contents.  I had more meat in that freezer then I had thought.

I stayed home for most of the day which ensured that I made progress on household tasks while keeping my spending to a minimum.

I gave the laundry room a much needed cleaning.  I found a bottle of detergent intended to clean washing machines.  As my current washing machine is not functional I contemplated just throwing it away, getting something seemingly useless out of my space.  However, just as I was about to trash it I realized that, regardless of what the label says, it is just detergent.  I will be using it to clean the sinks and the dishwasher.

Wednesday:  The least frugal thing I did today was fail to pack a lunch for Bishop and I before going to science and history groups.  We generally pack a picnic to eat in the park between groups; however, today I had to settle for Taco Bell.

I did talk myself out of going out to dinner (It is just awful how often I eat out...ugh).  Instead Bishop and I made some fantastic hamburgers.  We didn't have any buns so we just used some white bread.  We still have some ground beef leftover so I will need to make meatloaf or salisbury steaks soon.

And, finally, some good news ... the hens are laying!!!!

Thursday:  I had to buy some groceries for Bishop's upcoming scout camping trip and decided that I really should make the shopping trip count.  I assessed what was needed for projects around the house and for Bishop's emergency pack, added those items to the list and went shopping at WalMart.  I don't shop at WalMart often but find that it is ideal when I have a wide variety of items to purchase.  While there I purchased a dozen eggs for $1.29 by doing some price matching.

Otherwise I just stayed close to home doing a bit of deep cleaning in the kitchen and helping Bishop prepare for his scouting endeavors.

The temperature was quite cool today, overcast and rainy, but I managed to leave the heater off and simply rely on that one little space heater to knock out the chill.

Friday:  I scrubbed the stovetop and venting with my homemade powdered laundry detergent.  It cut right through the greasy buildup.

I also did some work on the front porch and did the laundry and I mended a pair of pants.  Mending the pants has reminded me that I bought a trench coat for Maceo last week that I need to put new buttons on.  I should get on that soon.  I also need to get the boys coats to the dry cleaners.

Saturday:  It was a slow and easy day.  I relaxed and did some cleaning.  I cleaned some ductwork and replaced a filter.

I turned off the heater as the day warmed up.

As the boys weren't home for dinner I opted to just have some ramen noodles.  Bishop loves to have ramen noodles on hand but I purchased the wrong kind.  Frankly, they don't taste great so I bought Bishop the kind that taste better and I will eat these.  So eat them I did, some of them at least.

I made brownies as a snack today and turned the oven off a little early allowing it to finish baking with the residual heat while not utilizing electricity.

I ordered some photo cards for Bishop's service group to put in their Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  I was originally going to order them through Walgreens because they had a 40% off sale on cards; however, just before I pushed the final button to make the purchase I decided to see if WalMart had a better price.  They did.  The difference was about 20 cents per card.  I am so glad that I did a price comparison.

Beyond doing some housework I spent my time looking for inspiration.  I took a look at a couple favorite blogs, Blue House Journal and Down to Earth, and I discovered a new one, g. Donna's.

Christmas Jar O' Change:  The previous balance was $160.16.  I added $15.35 to this account for a new balance of $175.51.

Home Emergency Fund:  $0

52-Week Savings Plan:  The previous balance was $984.  I added $100 to this account.  I can't say which deposits for the 52-week savings plan are represented with this $100 deposit.  I shall determine that later.  I am proud, however, that I did make this deposit a priority.  The new balance for this account is $1084.

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