Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Twenty-Eight

The pace of this week was so very different from that of the past two weeks.  We actually got to breathe and rest.
Maceo's show, Huck Finn, closed on Sunday and he won't have another show for a bit.  He had no acting class, troupe, or improv class on Monday or Tuesday although he did return to acting on Wednesday.  He had no touring company rehearsal or performances.  Maceo was able to enjoy time with friends and just decompress.  He did, however, go watch a two productions of a series of one-acts performed by local university students.
Bishop had a busier week then Maceo but everything was evenly spaced out with plenty of "blank canvas" between.  Halloween evening he spent the night with some friends so Sunday morning he joined them at church and then out to lunch.  Afterwards, he returned home to watch some football with the family.  He covered Amendments 11-27 of the Constitution during the Citizenship of the Nation merit badge, planned for the upcoming campout and played 'capture the flag' at scouts, reviewed the digestive system in science group, studied the fire on Pudding Lane in London during history group, and did pottery.  He went on walks and made the most incredible hamburgers and did a slew of logic puzzles.  He ended the week on a scout camping trip.  It was busy but it was balanced.
We had time to breathe and talk, to watch football, to dine leisurely and to talk.  We talked about football (our teams are undefeated) and fantasy football and politics and Christmas gift possibilities and educational philosophies and parenting styles and their futures and their "present" and its many possibilities.  It has been wonderful!
Huck Finn ends 
Making a digestive system model 
Actively reviewing the digestive system
Simulating mastication 
Simulating more of the digestive process
Simulating, shall I say, the end of digestion
A final review 
Setting up Pudding Lane 
And supervising its burning 
Bishop's amazing culinary creation

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