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Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Twenty-Seven

October 18-31

Warning:  Image heavy post  :)

Sunday:  Bishop attended youth group while Maceo went to a four hour Huck Finn rehearsal.  This is the beginning of tech week; the show will open this week!

Monday:  Bishop and the other scouts who are working on their  Citizenship in the Nation merit badge went on a field trip to the Federal Court House.  We spent 3 1/2 hours in the court house.  The federal marshals gave us a tour of their area of the court house and shared with us their responsibilities and training.  We then witnessed an arraignment and had the opportunity to speak with the presiding judge, two federal public defenders, a prosecutor and even a probation officer.  We then spoke with the appointed federal judge for our region and watched a court proceeding in which he heard a defendant change his plea.  It was amazing just how much time each person invested in our group.
Afterwards we went to the park for a picnic lunch.  While there I took pictures of the kiddos to include in their OCC shoeboxes.  Aren't they handsome guys?

Maceo went to Huck Finn rehearsal (4 hours) while Bishop went to scouts.  Bishop first went to the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge class where he learned about the Preamble of the United States Constitution.  Then he and his troop made plans for the fire drills that they will be conducting next week. 

Tuesday:  Bishop began his day with a class on Geology of Missouri.  The instructor covered the leading theories regarding the geological timeline of Missouri.  He had some great visual aids and a lot of enthusiasm.  He had the kids make scaled timelines on paper.  Bishop really enjoyed the math and logic aspect of making the timeline to scale.  It was a good experience for him!

Bishop and I had lunch with some friends who had also attended the geology course.  I got home in time to take Maceo to youth performance troupe (2 hours).  Then Maceo had his improvisational acting class (50 minutes).  This evening they had a showcase.  Oh my goodness, it was sooooooo funny!

Do you see Underdog?
And here a dragon is being slain.
Immediately after improv Maceo went to Huck Finn rehearsal. (3 hours)
Bishop went for a walk, soaking up the Autumn sunshine I suppose.  He also read history and science.

Wednesday:  Bishop attended science group where he reviewed the anatomy of a bone and built a relevant model.

He also reviewed the muscular system and dissected a chicken wing, including the bone.

We went to the park for lunch then returned for history group.  After reviewing the material and doing the mapwork we spoke of St. Martin and how Martinmas is celebrated today.  We made lanterns, shared bread, and did a service project - we packed shoeboxes for OCC.

Maceo didn't go to acting class this evening as he had to perform in the preview show of Huck Finn (3 hours). 

Thursday:  Today was mostly a day of preparation as I will be leaving on a trip in the morning and I have to insure that the boys have everything they need to get through the weekend.  I did manage to visit the Magna Charta exhibition on its final day.  It was simple but interesting.  I had intended to take the boys to see it but I ended up going to see it alone; my education continues.

Maceo performed in the Opening Night performance of Huck Finn (3 hours).  Bishop and I attended this performance.  It was so moving. 

Friday:  I left for L.A. this morning.  It was an arduous journey that I will share with you in a different post.  In the meantime, Bishop went to pottery class and Maceo had another performance of Huck Finn (3 hours).

Saturday:  Maceo had two performances of Huck Finn today (6 hours).  Bishop stayed home and I have to admit that I am not certain what all he did today as I was in L.A.  However, I love that I can trust him on so many levels including learning something new and interesting completely on his own.  I do know that he did do some cooking today.  He made a pork chop and apple dish that he conceptualized on his own.

Sunday:  As I make my way back across the country Maceo had yet another performance of Huck Finn.

Monday:  I am tired after my whirlwind trip to L.A. but I know we have a very full week.  Maceo had acting class (1 hour 20 minutes) and Bishop went to scouts.  During the Citizenship of the Nation merit badge class he learned about the Bill of Rights.  In scouts he planned menus for an upcoming campout.  Also, Bishop and his troop conducted two fire drills for the other troops that utilize the same building as his troop.

Tuesday:  Today Maceo had to perform Huck Finn for local schools.  This is an all day, back to back performance sort of day.  He had three performances (7 hours).  Then he went to his improvisational acting class (50 minutes).
Actors exhausted after a full day of performing!

Wednesday:  Maceo had another day of school shows.  So once again there were 7 hours of performances for him.  He then went to acting class afterwards.  In the meantime, Bishop attended science group and history groups.
In science group we finished looking at the muscular system.  We examined the prepared slides  of bone, bone marrow, striated muscle and smooth muscle.  Bishop drew his observations.  We also played the body trivia game as a review.

We then went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant which really played in to our history studies as we learned more about China's history and Japan's history.
During history group we reviewed the reading material, did map work then made zen gardens.  So cool!

Maceo and I ended the evening by going to see the national tour of A Christmas Story.

Thursday:  Today was a busy, busy day.  Maceo had two touring company shows.  Presently the touring company is performing Flat Stanley.  Today they performed for two schools.

Maceo plays a very hysterical Dr. Dan.

And he plays the always crowd-pleasing Sneak Thief.  Oh, how the kids love this scene.

And here he is as Herb Wavecrest.  He is so expressive.

I know that I included a LOT of photos but I SO love Maceo in these roles.  He is so expressive, so funny, so entertaining.  Honestly, he is so good.  His comedic timing is impressive.

Maceo ends his day with yet another performance of Huck Finn.
Bishop did some cooking and went on yet another Autumn walk.

Friday:  Maceo had another touring company show today followed by breakfast with the cast.

Bishop went to his pottery lesson where he is working on Christmas gifts.  Then we met some friends for a field trip to the Smallin Civil War Cave.

Then Maceo and I had to head to the theatre.  Maceo had yet another performance of Huck Finn and I did flowers for the show.

Saturday:  The morning began with me doing ushering for a production of Charlotte's Web that my niece and nephew.  Then I got Maceo fed and to the theatre for another performance of Huck Finn.  I ushered this show as well.  Afterwards Maceo hung out with friends and saw a theatrical production of Clue.  Bishop and I went to a friends house for a Halloween party at a friends house.  Bishop spent about five hours learning how to long board as well as spending a lot of great time just hanging out.

What an adventure!

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