Friday, December 23, 2016

An Anniversary Treat!!!

My husband and I have officially been married for 19 years!!!
Today we celebrate!!!
We had one of the best sorts of celebrations - at home surrounded by three of our four kiddos being treated to a divine dinner crafted by our culinarian, Bishop.
He researched and created the menu.  The original menu included baked brie, mussels and scallops, onion and mushroom tart, seasoned roasted corn on the cob, crostini with a compound butter and a spiced poach pear with cream.  Dad took Bishop shopping.  They were unable to find the mussels and scallops so Bishop made an on-the-spot adjustment to his menu.  Instead of mussels and scallops ha made steak and a shrimp scampi-like dish.  It was amazing!
Here is the chef in action!!!

The family table!!!
And look at this food!!!
Onion Mushroom Tart...
...and spiced poached pears!
Thank you for the feast, Bishop!
And, thank you for the years together, Herb!!!

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