Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve and It's Traditions

Christmas Eve has arrived!!!
We have read the story of Christ's birth in Luke.
Mary and Joseph have arrived in our nativity and baby Jesus is ready to be placed in the nativity in the morning.
We have eaten our traditional Christmas Eve meal - posole, tortillas, chips with homemade salsa and guacamole.
We have opened the traditional Christmas Eve gifts.

And pajamas!!!

Then there is the traditional s'mores!
This is a fun one.  When we lived in Las Vegas our house had a fireplace; however, a fireplace isn't really needed in a place like Las Vegas.  So we scheduled in one evening a year in which the fireplace would be lit - Christmas Eve.  The fire was so rare and so special we decided we wanted to do s'mores rather than cookies for Santa.  And a tradition is born!!!

After all the present opening, smore making fun the boys retreated to their rooms and the quiet house became mine so that I can finish up the Christmas Day preparations.

The wrapped gifts were place under the tree and the stockings were stuffed and now we await Christmas morning.

Ah, tradition!!!

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