Thursday, December 22, 2016

Las Posados and a Christmas Tradition

This evening we ventured out to try a new Mexican restaurant and we were rewarded with a great experience and great food, including tamales to take home.  
Upon returning home we read Tomie dePaolo's book The Night of Las Posdados.  This book is set in Santa Fe and with our roots firmly planted in New Mexico the illustrations take us home in a sense.  While I was reading aloud the guys made luminarias.
Don't they look amazing?!?
Afterwards we had hot chocolate and Mexican wedding cookies with a Christmas tradition awaiting.
Christian put his ornaments on the tree, with a little help from a friend.

Then the new ornaments were opened and added to our tree.  This has been a tradition since the birth of my first, Christian.  I love trying to find a meaningful ornament and I love the walk down memory lane when we decorate our tree each year.  This year Christian's ornament has a Korean flag on it representing his time living abroad in Seoul.

Maceo got a box...a fig bar box and he seems pleased.
Oh, wait a minute, inside that box is paper towel and he still seems pleased.
Oh, it has an ornament inside!  His ornament is a fused glass dragon.  I purchased it in Tulsa at a downtown arts festival while he was at SHREK rehearsal a couple of blocks away.  It seemed a perfect way to commemorate his first professional performance in SHREK The Musical as the Captain of the Guards and the head dragon puppeteer and our time in Tulsa.

What could possibly be in Bishop's package?
An ornament!
Bishop's is a suitcase with traveling stickers on it commemorating his first international adventure as he went to South Korea in the fall.

Gifting each kiddo a new ornament every year is one of my all-time favorite traditions!

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