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Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Thirty

December 11 - 17

One of the highlights of this week was attending the theatre's holiday party.  Bishop and I got to watch Maceo perform.  He did a duet with a friend and performed with his musical theatre and acting troupes.  After the performances we all enjoyed some amazing buche de noel's.  They were so beautiful and so yummy!  We skipped the rest of the party food and had dinner at Steak n Shake instead.  It was a delightful evening!

Afterwards, Maceo went to a friends house to hang out for a bit and Bishop and I returned home to some rather invigorating conversation.
Here is some fun information about buche de noel.
After seeing several facebook posts showing images of frost flowers Bishop and I sought out more information on these beautiful natural creations.  I know that I am ALWAYS learning something new!
Bishop and I researched the origins of the Reuben sandwich and some of the variations on that sandwich.
Maceo went to the final show of A Christmas Story.  Show and strike.  He said that he plans on assistant directing again next  season and stated that he was surprised by how much he enjoyed working with the kids.
Maceo had two special rehearsals for an upcoming troupe event, six extra hours in all.
Bishop has been researching Turkey and ancient China.
He and I have had conversations about evolutionary theory, microevolution and adaptation, and we took a look at brains - human brains, orca brains, rat brains, bird brains, etc.
We did our advent readings.
Bishop went to his scout troops holiday gathering.  It was at a bowling alley but he didn't do any bowling.  He did, however, greatly enjoy the company of the other boys and, surely, they were solving all the problems and mysteries of the world.  An anecdote:  One of the other boys wasn't bowling either and I asked him if wanted to; he replied "no, I'm not very good and I don't want to come in last."  I tried encouraging him and, of course, I eventually got to the line, "Well, if you ever want to be good at something you just have to keep trying even if you do come in last for a while."  (I am such a grown-up but, to be fair, it was said in a light-hearted fashion not lecturey at all).  Bishop interjects at this point, "Yeah, but the question is - does he WANT to be good at bowling?"  The other boy said, "No, I want to be good at archery and shooting and..."  Bishop interjects, "Telekinesis."  "Yeah, telekinesis and lycanthropy."  Yup, I totally lost that one.  And they went off to hang out together - maybe to practice a little telekinesis while solving all the problems and mysteries of the world.
Bishop continues to work on world building for his game.  He continues to share with me some of the things he is pondering while creating these worlds and it is fascinating to me.  He is studying the importance and meaning of color in different cultures.  He has developed a couple of people groups that express their status and hierarchical structure and generational legacy through their hair.  I can't reveal what he is working on specifically but I assure you that it is truly fascinating.  It is logical and it gives the culture such depth while making the visual imagery so powerful.  It is REALLY good!  I love the way his brain works!
Maceo had a doctor's appointment to check on his response to the ADHD medicine.  Progress has been made but the dosage was increased a bit.  Maceo reported that the medicine did help him control his impulses; in fact, he lost three pounds over the month because he felt it was easier for him to control impulsive eating.  However, Maceo also reported that it did not help his ability to focus for a sustained period of time, hence the increase in dosage.  We will see how this one goes!
Maceo went for an occupational therapy evaluation.  It was rather interesting.  He has always described his hands as feeling weak but he scored seven to fifteen points higher than average on the grip strength tests.  His dexterity test was only three seconds below average.  He will not be doing occupational therapy but has been given a host of exercises to do on his own to help build dexterity.  We will need to follow-up with this physician, however, on his hand tremors as it is not caused by weakness.
Bishop went to science group where the emphasis was on our moon.  We began to watch Our Created Moon, a lecture by Dr. Donald DeYoung.  We only made it half way through as it prompted a LOT of discussion.  For two members of the group, including Bishop, the subject matter wasn't being presented adequately.  It is so challenging when, quite honestly, their knowledge exceeds mine.  I learn from them and I hope they learn from me.  We just learn together.
Bishop spent the night with friends so that they could all play a D&D campaign.
Maceo went to a friends church Christmas party which included reading the scripture in Luke related to Christ's conception and birth.
Maceo watched Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.
Maceo and I had hours long conversations regarding current events, movies and what qualifies a movie as "good".
Maceo went to see the movie Nocturnal Animals.
Bishop shared with me more of his thoughts on world building.  There are so many things that he is taking in to consideration; things that span most academic subject matters.  He is looking at geography and how it impacts the development of a society.  And so, so, so much more.
Bishop went to pottery lessons.
Maceo had a scoliosis screening.  He does, in fact, have mild scoliosis and pectus excavatum.  The doctor sin't particularly concerned but did do x-rays in order to get more information.
Bishop has been researching soooo many things including the theories of continental formation and "deos a terrestrial planet need plate tectonics?"
While trying to find some answers to some of Bishop's questions I found this article on natural fractal patterns.  So beautiful!
Bishop taught me about Simo Hayha, a Finnish sniper who killed approximately 700 Soviet soldiers during the Winter War, a Soviet invasion of Finland.
And we end our week with a quiet day at home preparing for our Christmas guests (Christian is coming home!!!!!) while the freezing rain and snow come down outside.

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