Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Twenty-Nine

December 4 - 10

We continued our Advent candle lighting and reading
Bishop has continued to work on developing his game which has created more questions that have required more research.  There have been questions about the golden age of piracy, what causes the seasons and what would it take to have minimal seasonality.  In doing some research we learned about Andagoya, Colombia, South America that has a temperature of about 82 degrees fahrenheit year round.  He also created two dice games that are elements of the larger game.  It is quite the learning experience!
Maceo stepped back into the role of assistant director as the show A Christmas Story needed to be pared down a little bit for the upcoming special school performances.
Bishop made two pans of baklava to give as gifts.  Thus far we have made baklava, caramels, sugar cookies, chocolate sugar cookies, chocolate truffle cookies, snickerdoodles and million dollar cookies.
Bishop went to his internship.

Maceo and I watched the movie "Loving".  I highly recommend watching it!
While we were watching the movie Bishop spent that time doing research on topics that would help his world building for his game.  He researched things like "What would humans look like if they lived underground?", how to build a better body and the evolution of the human face, how eyes adapt to water and low levels of light, digitgrade legs, "What is the latin word for heat?", and the use of magic in world building.
Maceo had voice lessons, preprofessional acting classes and preprofessional music theory and vocal production.
Maceo auditioned for Beauty and the Beast Jr. and went to callbacks.

Maceo was cast as Gaston!!!
Bishop attended science group where Earth was the subject matter under consideration.

Bishop went to a friends house for a sleepover where he gave his game another test run.
Maceo helped with the school showings of A Christmas Story.
Bishop watched cooking videos.
Bishop researched ancient maritime weaponry, the history and evolution of guns including the puckle gun and so much more.  I really can't keep up with him!
I got out the lap harp and the boys really loved creating music with it.  I think they created a soundtrack for a horror movie on that there lap harp!
Maceo attended A Christmas Story, both on Friday and Saturday, as this show, the show he helped produce, enters into the final weekend of the run.
Maceo attended troupe and teen players.
Maceo's acting troupe, Teen Players, performed improv after the final Friday showing of A Christmas Story.

Still living the good life!!!

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