Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hot Chocolate Bar 2016 Grand Opening!!!

An essential part of our holiday celebrations is the hot chocolate bar and yesterday was the grand opening of this years hot chocolate bar!!!

 Of course, there were fun cups and a variety of marshmallows.
 There was also a slew of other goodies - peppermint sticks (chocolate covered and otherwise), dark chocolate and espresso chips, m&m's, whipped cream, white chocolate, caramel, snowman shaped peeps, chocolate covered marshmallow snowmen, smore flavoring and...
 ...maraschino cherries for a cherry cordial hot chocolate.
 I also set out sweet treats and made some chili in case a bit of protein was needed.

The hot chocolate bar was a huge hit!

As was the sugar cookie decorating station!

After being fortified by sugar we proceeded to play a holiday game.  It was a ridiculous game that I was ridiculously poor at playing, ugh.  Thank goodness I could redeem myself with a win in Skip-Bo!

 We hope that you experience the warmth of hot chocolate, the joy of a ridiculous game, 

and the love of family during this holiday season!!!

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