Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Twenty-Eight

November 28 - December 3

One of the coolest events of the week was taking the science group on a field trip to see a friends art exhibit.  This friend loves all things to do with space and it has carried through into her art.  Her exhibition is about more than just space as you can see in the artist statement below but I thought the boys would be interested in the science - the planets, the gallium, the bismuth crystals, and the ferrofluid. 

The rings of Saturn.



She took us back to her work space and showed us some of her new little creations.
It was so cool!

While at the gallery we took a look at the other exhibits.

Baba getting in on the arty action.

Additionally, Maceo had his private vocal instruction.
Bishop has been working intensely on his game creation.  He went to a friends house and played through the storyline with his his friends.
Maceo attended his preprofessional acting and vocal production classes.
Bishop has been researching melanism.
Bishop and I successfully made Granny's caramels for the first time ever!  Yum!
Maceo attended a two hour dance masterclass with the cast of the touring company of Elf and then went to see the production.
Bishop attended science group where we talked about planet Earth.
Bishop created a fantastic spicy taco meat for dinner one evening.
Maceo continued with the assistant direction of A Christmas Story giving notes during tech week then watching the show open.
Bishop attended pottery instruction.
Maceo attended the opening night of A Christmas Story.
Bishop is listening to Fantasy Lads podcast and still working on his game ideas.
Bishop created an extensive list of skills he would like to acquire.  And I am not kidding when I say extensive; it included glass blowing and etching, stained glass and floral design, bead and jewelry making, sewing and fashion design, shoe making, leather working, wood turning and carving, felting and embroidery, quilting, tatting, knitting, crocheting, metalsmithing and blacksmithing, lapidary, knife making, macrame, decoupage, batiking and screen printing,  rug hooking, upholstering, photography, clock making and lock picking, mixology (as in mixing libations) and candy making, archery and fencing, marksmanship and sailing, interior design, poker and magic, special effects, pixel art and music production.  And there is more - yup, extensive.
We found a place that may allow Bishop an opportunity to learn silversmithing.
Bishop and I went to Hot Glass, a glass blowing store in our town, to check out their merchandise and their opportunities for classes.
Bishop and I went to our friends BFA Exhibition Reception.  It was great!
Maceo developed a little bit of a sore throat so he has really buckled down on his health regimen and has done research to see what else he can do to thwart this yuckiness.  He has the humidifier going, drinking his teas, taking oregano, and eating only the healthiest of foods.
Bishop and I researched Nick Cave and his soundsuits.  Check them out, they are fantastic!  Here is a little diddy that explains a bit about their origin and purpose.  This amazing artist was speaking down at Crystal Bridges.  We couldn't make it but we did research the other speakers that are scheduled in 2017.
We have begun our advent wreath candle lighting accompanied by these readings and have begun our advent calendar with scripture readings and candy.
Bishop and I watched a video on making a pewter sword.  I know that Rotometals sells pewter ingots so I see casting pewter in our future.  We also made note of information on making food grade molds and lost wax casting.
Bishop has spent countless hours (really!) working on his game.  Presently he seems to be working on creating the world.  I believe he is wanting to make a world that is not in this solar system.  He is wanting to create his own biomes and there is so much more.  He is drawing a map.  The research has been ENORMOUS.  There has been research on map making, why are the poles so cold and the equator hot?, what is the hottest point that is furthest from the equator?, etc.
Maceo finishes off his weekend having lunch with a friend at a little French cafe and dinner, with a little time just for hanging out, with a different set of friends.

It's a good life!

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