Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Sixteen

April 30 - May 6

Maceo had 14 1/4 hours of The Addams Family rehearsal.
Bishop made a green chile sauce for Dad's tamales.
Bishop made tacos several times this week.  He is trying to perfect them.
Maceo had preprofessional acting and vocal production and music theory.
Maceo had vocal instruction.
Bishop had culinary internship.
Maceo had rehearsals for Troupe and Teen Players.
Maceo had an extra troupe rehearsal.
Bishop and I had a lengthy conversation regarding climate change - the science and the politics, Bill Nye.
Maceo worked out at the gym.
Maceo auditioned for No Strings Attached, a puppet improv group, and went to a rehearsal.
Bishop and I had extensive conversations on sin.
Bishop went to Hot Glass for a bead making class.  He loved it!!!

Afterwards, he had an hour long conversation with Moly, an artist who apprentices at Hot Glass.
Bishop researched Copernicus and gave a presentation at science group and he listened to the other presentations.  We had lunch with friends at Steak and Shake.
Bishop spent ten hours at the pottery studio.

Bishop spent two hours researching pottery, glass, pine needle weaving, Tyler Thrasher and I don't know what else.
Maceo performed with Teen Players at Final Fridays.
Bishop and I both attended.

Maceo went to see Improvable Causes, an improv troupe.
Maceo performed at ArtsFest with Youth Performance Troupe and Teen Players.
He also performed with Carolyn Billingsly Productions to promote Broadway Backwards.  He sang a song from Waitress and provided some comedy relief for another performers song.

Maceo viewed Freckleface Strawberry.
Maceo saw While the Lights were Out at a high school.
Bishop went to a food truck festival.
Herb continued to research food and try a lot of recipes and I continued to do yard work.

It was a beautiful week!

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