Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Weeks Frugal Accomplishments

April 26 - May 3

Thursday:  The boys and I had a day out on the town today.  We went to the history museum to view their World War I exhibit.  Admission was $11 for the three of us.  We also went by the library that had an exhibit on the art of propaganda during World War I and by a park that has a connection to World War I.
I treated them to happy hour bevs at Sonic.
I, also, treated them to a bbq lunch.  This wasn't particularly frugal but we did bring home leftovers and we brought home bones for the dog.
I returned some books to the library and we all checked out more resources.  Maceo checked out some plays, Bishop checked out some world music and I checked out another lecture.
We started in on the world music.  Fantastic.

Friday:  Maceo read two of the plays that he checked out from the library.
I tried my hand at cornrowing Bishop's hair.
Bishop went to a birthday party.  For the birthday boy's gift he gave some of his games.
While driving Bishop to his friends house we listened to the music he checked out.  After dropping him off and on my return drive I listened to part of my new lecture.

Saturday:  Bishop spent the night with friends last night.  On my way to retrieve him I was really craving something sweet.  I figured I would pick up Bishop then stop off for ice cream on the way home.  I arrived at the friend's house to find her making waffles.  She offered, I accepted.  By doing so I satisfied my sweet tooth and kept my cash in my pocket.
Otherwise, we stayed home all day.  It has been raining, raining, raining - ugh.

Sunday:  The rain finally relented so I determined to work on weeding the flower bed that I hoped I would have ready before Mother's Day so that the boys could pick out plants for me.  Not only did I accomplish that but I managed to get the boys to the store to pick out plants and I got the plants in the ground.  I feel so accomplished and so worked out.
Herb's project for the day was to make tamales.  He did have to purchase corn husks; otherwise, we had everything else on hand.  Bishop made a really great green chile sauce to go with it.  An amazingly delicious meal at very little cost.

Monday:  I gratefully accepted a gift of a pastry and an iced tea from Panera.  I have such sweet friends!
I did a bit of grocery shopping at Aldi.
I had intended to also go by Home Depot to get two large flower pots for a project that I have going on in the front yard.  I had selected two perfect pots and was willing to pay the $50 each; however,  while at Aldi I found two large pots.  They are not ceramic, as the others were. but they were only $10 each for a savings of $80.
I simply served sandwiches and salad for lunch.
Herb made more tamales for dinner.
Herb did a bit of yard work and continued to make progress on the front yard.  I continued to work on the Mother's Day 2.0 flower bed and worked on removing some self-sown trees.  In the flower bed I added some plants that were transplanted from other areas of my property, including some of the bee balm plants that I started from seed that was given to me.
Bishop went to his culinary internship - an invaluable educational opportunity at an excellent price, nada.
I spent some time on pinterest planning a baby shower while I watched a little Netflix.

Tuesday:  We have a really cool event coming up this weekend, Artsfest.  We go to this event annually.  Maceo gets a free ticket because he performs there; however, the rest of us have to pay admission.  The tickets are $5 at the gate but, if they can be secured, they are $3 in advance.  I always try to get them in advance but they are usually sold out by the time I get there.  They weren't sold out this time.  I secured two tickets for at a $4 savings.
The tickets are purchased at McDonald's.  While I was there they were giving away a large beverage.  I encouraged another lady to take it.  She turned it down so I gratefully accepted it.  I took it home as a special treat for Herb.
Bishop attended a glass bead making class today.  It cost us $75 for two hours.  They may not seem particularly economical but I believe it to be.  We paid $37.50 per hour for him to learn a specialized skill.  During that two hour time period fourteen beads were made.  The glass shop sells these beads for $7 each.  Even on clearance they are marked at $3 each.  The beads alone would be valued at either $98 or $42 and he learned the skill.  He can now get torch time for $15 per hour.  He has already scheduled studio time and plans on making beads to sell alongside his pottery at craft fairs.  Cool, huh?!?
I paid the bills online.
A while back Herb had purchased a beef kidney thinking he would make a kidney pie.  The kidney, however, sat in the freezer for quite some time until Herb determined that he was too intimidated to use it.  He prepared it for the dog and I fed some of it to her today.  She thoroughly enjoyed it.
I did a ton of yard work.  I have been making tremendous progress.  I transplanted some plants.  I love using what I have on hand.  The pots that I purchased to flank the sidewalk were not quite as large as I would have liked so I elevated them to give them a bit more presence.  I used edging stones that I just had laying around.  A couple of years ago someone was giving them away.  I took them and have now found the perfect use for them.  I have the pots in place and have them planted.  I love it and the $80 savings was so absolutely worth it.
My irises are in full bloom.  I brought some in, placed them in one of Bishop's vases and am thoroughly enjoying them!

Wednesday:  Today was a typical Wednesday.  Bishop and I spent the morning at science group.  A group of friends get together and talk science - y things.  It is simultaneously education and entertainment; we so enjoy each other's company.  And all this fun is free.
We all went out to eat for lunch.  We ate at Steak and Shake after I dissuaded them from a more expensive option.
Bishop went to pottery.  He stayed an hour extra working on his new masterpiece.  He will not have anymore lessons for the summer so we will purchase him open studio by the month.  I hope he will log quite a few hours at the studio this month.
While we were driving around today Bishop and I listened to a reggae cd that he checked out from the library.
Herb made a really great dinner using what we had on hand.  He made green chile cheeseburgers and garlic fried potatoes.  He used sourdough as the bread for the burgers because that is what we had available.
Through Amazon I ordered three plays for Maceo and a new power supply cord for our keyboard.  I had enough in gift cards to entirely cover the cost.  I paid nothing!
Bishop used the internet to get more inspiration for his art and I watched some Netflix to unwind while Maceo spent his evening at rehearsal preparing for his next production.

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