Saturday, May 13, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Seventeen

May 7 - 13

Maceo performed at ArtsFest again.  He hosted the improv show...

...sang Puttin' on the Ritz..

...and, of course, did a lot of dancing.
So much fun!!!
Bishop went to ArtsFest and watched Maceo perform.  He also watched a men's chorus and some local bands.  Maceo and Bishop both watched a family friend perform, Trak Masta Tom.
He is an amazing rapper!

Bishop took a close look at all the art.  He, of course, took particular interest in the work of the potters.  One potter took a considerable amount of time sharing methods and experiences with him.  He also made contact with several artists who are part of a collaborative studio.  It's a really cool setup and many of them want to work with him, influence him, teach him.
Bishop also met a young man who makes music and want to work with him, share his expertise.  It was a good day!
Later in the week Bishop and I went to the collaborative studio for a tour.  He met two new artists and spent about thirty minutes talking with them.
Maceo had pre-professional acting class and vocal production and music theory class.
Maceo had vocal lessons and he had seven hours of The Addams Family rehearsal.
Bishop went to the library and selected more CD's, music for our road trip.
We went to Tulsa, listening to great music all the way, to have some Andolini's and....

... (drum roll please)...
 ...the boys went to the Chance the Rapper concert!!!
Can you tell by the looks on their faces that they enjoyed that concert?!?
Bishop and I had a lengthy conversation on various philosophical questions and thoughts -  Zorastrianism, cause and effect, chaos and order.
Maceo hung out with friends.
Bishop made chicken tacos.
Bishop went to Hobby Lobby to buy glass rods and saw so much more that interested him.
Bishop went to open studio on for three hours.

Bishop and I had an in-depth conversation on dogs, breeding practices, etc.
Maceo watched the movie Krisha.
Bishop went to the glass studio for some torch time and made some beads.
Bishop and I had extensive conversations about old earth/young earth theories and evolution/creationism theories.
Bishop researched and discussed Edmond Halley, Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton and the Royal Society.

Maceo ends the week celebrating friends graduations.
Bishop ends it with celebrating a friends birthday.

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