Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Nineteen

May 21 - 27

Maceo attended The Addams Family rehearsals for a total of sixteen hours.
Maceo had his headshots taken for the production of The Addams Family.
Maceo had vocal lessons.
Maceo auditioned for Broadway Backwards.  He is in and, I think, he will be doing two songs.
Bishop had another hour of torch time at the glass studio.  He made fifteen beads.
Bishop went to the pottery studio on Tuesday.  He was there for nearly five hours.  He glazed two pieces and trimmed the nearly one bajillion pieces he made while doing the pottery demonstrations at the homeschool convention.
Maceo attended troupe rehearsal.
Maceo began dance lessons - one hour.
Maceo went hiking.
Maceo went in for a 12 lead EKG.
Maceo went to see a production of Beehive.

Bishop had his final meeting of science group for this academic year.
And boy was it entertaining.
As is common on the last day of "school" they had a difficult time focusing
but Bishop did manage to have quite the conversation...
...with this guy about futurism.

Herb tried his hand at making creme brulee and Bishop used his torch to put the final touches on the dessert.

After science group and putting the final touches on the creme brulees, Bishop spent a couple of hours at the pottery studio on Wednesday.  He threw six bowls, one bottle and one vase.
Bishop attended a youth group where he participated in an in-depth discussion on patience as a virtue.
Bishop then spent the night at the Love's and didn't sleep at all before going to National Cemetery to place flags on the graves.
They had about half an hour of sleep before heading to the cemetery; they look it don't they?
But Bishop willingly did an hour of service placing flags on veteran's graves.
Others found it more difficult.  Oh man, so funny!

Santa was also at the cemetery.
And if you doubt that it's the real Santa just take a look at his belt!

As tradition dictates we went to Steak and Shake afterwards.
And if you can take a good look you will see that Bishop has nodded off while sitting at the table.  Oh man, still so funny!

Here are some samples of some of the pottery Bishop has been producing as of late.  His creative juices are really flowing and I love it!

As for me, I have been living and learning as well.
I went to the Trail of Tears Remembrance gathering,

and learned how to build a retaining wall and worked on cleaning a new flowerbed.
This is the pile of stuff that I removed from that area of the flowerbed.
Herb and I went to Lake Springfield for a walk.

 We saw black vultures - one of two types of vultures in Missouri but not widely distributed throughout the state.  Their population is just beginning to increase in our area.  Cool.

And I had a brown thrasher in my yard.  So so cool.

It's been a good week!

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