Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Eighteen

May 14 - 20

We celebrated Mother's Day.

Maceo set up the croquet.

Bishop helped make the cornell chicken and made some brownies.

Maceo attended The Addams Family rehearsal for a total of 12 1/2 hours.
Maceo toured with the Springfield Regional Opera doing a melodrama at elementary schools for a total of 5 hours of work.

Maceo attended preprofessional acting classes.
Bishop made more glass beads.

Bishop had some studio time at the pottery studio.  He spent 8 hours at the studio.

Maceo had troupe rehearsal than a special troupe performance at Hammons Hall.

Maceo performed Lonely Room at the SRO's Voix de Ville.
Bishop's science group spent a considerable amount of time conversing about starlight distance, etc.
We also brainstormed what might be covered next academic year in science group.  Here are some of things that they mentioned:  dissections (paricularly jellyfish, stingray, rockfish, a snake of some sort, dogfish), kitchen chemistry, biochemistry, bridge building, black holes, measuring the speed of light with a microwave, epidemiology, model rockets, raspberry pi, arduino, futurism, psychology including the science of boredom,  geology, forensic science, chemistry particularly the periodic table, genetics, DNA, botany, electricity, alternative energy, nature exploration and observation and by doing personal presentations, formal debates, science fair, and lots of hands-on stuff.
Bishop watched many episodes of Cosmos:  A Spacetime Odyssey.
Bishop and I had sooo many conversations about so many things - history and the purpose of studying it, young earth vs old earth, and much more that I can't fully express.
Maceo attended PPT vocal production and music theory and he had vocal lessons.
Maceo helped a friend do storm cleanup and was offered a job with very flexible hours.  Cool.
Bishop did pottery demonstrations at the homeschool convention for about 7 1/2 hours over two days.

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