Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Weeks Efforts to Craft a Rich Frugal Life

May 4 - 10

Thursday:  Bishop went to open studio.  He made progress on his art piece and made two vessels that a family member has ordered.
I went by Hobby Lobby.  I intended to take a look at their glass rod selection.  We need to purchase some for Bishop's bead making torch time that he will have next week.  I would love to be able to get them from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon; alas, I forgot to check because I got caught up in other projects.  I did use a 40% off coupon on another frame for Maceo's show posters.  I also purchased four spools of ribbon that were 50% off.  I will be making some fun pennant buntings for Maceo's 18th birthday celebration and then his graduation party.  The theme for his birthday party is "Childhood Revisited".  He has a time capsule that was made at his baby shower to open so I think this theme is appropriate.  So, I also think bright fun buntings are also appropriate.  I will then use them alongside the other buntings and tissue paper decorations that I will make in the future for his graduation party, which will be a bright garden party.  I spent $10 at Hobby Lobby.
I was pretty proud of myself at Hobby Lobby.  I resisted temptation over and over again.  Their spring shop items were 40% off and it was tempting to buy a pretty for the yard but it wasn't necessary.  I resisted.  I then remembered that I had some items for a project but needed a few things to finish it off.  I grabbed a couple dowels and some spray paint only to remove them from my cart later as I remembered I have approximately 2.5 million sticks at home that would work just as well as dowels and wouldn't need painted and sealed.  Money saved!
I ushered a show at the theatre last night and got to see a delightful production for free.  While there I signed up to usher The Addams Family, the next production.
I took the boys out for half price appetizers at Applebee's after the show.  It was unnecessary but I really enjoyed it and it was half price.

Friday:  Although we spent the morning getting Maceo's echocardiogram and then, for whatever reason, I required a nap, I did manage to get a little yard work done.  I mowed most of the back yard and did some work clearing two different beds.  I weeded the vegetable beds and transplanted some seedlings.  I thinned the radishes and kept those thinnings to use as microgreens in a salad or a stir-fry.
Bishop went in for more open studio.  Yay!
Herb made really great sauces - one green chile and one red chile.  We made enchiladas with them.  Herb had them for all of his meals.  The boys had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch then the enchiladas for dinner.  We had everything that was needed for these meals with the exception of more cheddar cheese.
I made chocolate chip cookies using just a partial bag of chocolate chips.
Maceo's improv group performed this evening.  Bishop and I laughed our way through this free performance.

Saturday:  The boys and I went to ArtsFest today.  Maceo was admitted for free because he was a performer.  Bishop and I used the tickets that we got in advance at a discounted rate.  We had a great time watching performances (or in Maceo's case, performing) and checking out some art.
A locally owned pet store was in attendance giving away little biscuits to the puppies at the event.  They were also giving away small bags of dog and cat food.  I got one of each.  Ladybird and Othello enjoyed the samples very much.
Our theatre was handing out flyers promoting The Addams Family, the next show that Maceo will be performing in.  The flyer had a buy one get one free promotion.  I went to the theatre and purchased my tickets for the show.  I scored the two complimentary tickets that Maceo gets as a performer then I purchased two more using the BOGO offer.  So I paid for one ticket and picked up four.  Yay!
Bishop went to open studio again.  He finished assembling the large art piece he has been working on.
Bishop's pottery instructor gifted us an apple turnover that he got from a local European bakery.  We gratefully accepted and enjoyed. 
Maceo viewed two shows.  One was at the community theatre and he got student rush pricing on his ticket.  The other was a high school production and only cost $5.
We did spend plenty of money today on art and at a food truck festival but that is something we can do on occasion when we have, otherwise, spent our money wisely.

Sunday:  We went to ArtsFest again today.  Maceo performed again and Bishop and I enjoyed watching him perform...again.  Bishop and I also watched a men's chorus and a local band.  All of us watched a local rapper, and friend, perform - Trak Masta Tom. so good!  We all walked around looking at the art vendors as well.  Bishop spoke with a local potter who shared information about crystalline glazes.  Bishop also spoke with members of a collaborative studio.  They very much want to work with him and share their knowledge.  They offer memberships to the studio, much like a gym membership.  You get to use all their equipment, and they have a LOT, with the membership.  Bishop also met a young man who produces music and offered to work with Bishop, teaching him what he knows.  It was a great day!
We did spend some money on food, mostly the boys ate out.
Herb stayed home all day.  He prepared a couple of dishes which he had for all of his meals.  I too ate that for dinner.
I washed ziploc baggies.
We listened to some of the cd's that Bishop checked out from the library.
The bulk of our day was spent enjoying ArtsFest.  In the evening Maceo had rehearsal and the rest of us relaxed at home.  I am watching a new show on Netflix, Hinterland.

Monday:  Herb cleaned a portion of the refrigerator.  He saw that we had a cauliflower beginning to turn so he made it into a rather delicious cauliflower soup.
Bishop and I went to the library.  We returned some items then checked out more cd's and some books on photography and ceramics.
I washed the vehicle.  I opted not to go to an automated car wash so as to save a bit of money.  I should really start washing it at home though.
I watered the herbs with collected rainwater.
I washed some plastic baggies.

Tuesday:  Ok, this was not a frugal day at all...only rich.
Maceo's phone stopped working so we opted to get him a new phone.  We will try to repair his old phone for Bishop or I to use.  We paid a bit of money, of course, but we did figure out that we were being double charged for insurance plans and rectified that situation.
The boys and I went to Tulsa so that they could attend a Chance the Rapper concert.  I gave them plenty of spending money and took them to Andolini's for dinner beforehand.  Not a cheap venture but so worth it.
While they were in the concert I first hung out at a Panera and used their wi-fi.  Then I roamed downtown and also sat in my vehicle reading books that I brought.
After the concert we stopped at a convenience store for some snack-a-roons.  The employees of the store gave them a bag of nine donuts that were going to be thrown out.  What a delightful treat!  The bonus was that Bishop was able to share those with a homeless man in the parking lot.
These are the memories!!!

Wednesday:  We all spent most of the day just chilling at home after last nights excitement.
I did have to get Maceo's eyeglasses repaired.  The arm came off last night when we were almost home.  Sigh.  Fortunately they were repairable.  Unfortunately they only had a white arm available to put on his black glasses.  It only cost $7 so I had them put on the white one to make the immediately usable and put in an order for a black one.  So I will put out a bit more money in the near future but I am grateful that I didn't have to replace them.
For our meals we ate a pizza that was in the fridge then feasted on other leftovers and items that were in the fridge needing to be used.
Now, off to bed to try to recover from the weeks adventures and get refocused on the goals at hand.

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