Friday, November 4, 2011

Anticipating Thanksgiving

The holidays are rapidly approaching and a little planning is in order.
I like having all my ideas and plans in one central location.
This year, my Thanksgiving plans will be housed in this little folder.

Within the folder are menus, shopping lists, decorating ideas, and possible activities.
Paper clipped beneath the notebook paper are relevant coupons and the recipes I will be using.
I don't jot the recipes down on the pages of paper; I like to have them loose so that I can post them above the stove or set them on the counter as I prepare the meal.

I also began to piddle around with decorating and tablescaping ideas.
I find these things to be quite inspirational.
I am sure that they will find their way into my decorating.

I am greatly anticipating creating a beautiful atmosphere for my family's Thanksgiving celebration!

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