Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Savoring the Season

Saturday, the day after we celebrated Thanksgiving, this wreath, made by Bishop for me two years ago, was hung. And Sunday the first candle of the Advent wreath was lit.
We are greatly anticipating the arrival of Christmas.
Even then, we like to ease into the festivities.
We decorate progressively. We put up the Nativity in a progressive manner. We let the great story of Christmas unfold slowly, a little bit each day and each evening of Advent.
We try to savor it.

However, there are events on the calendar and activities we just enjoy trying to fit in.
So that we might stand a chance of doing those things while savoring each moment of the Christmas season I make lists and tentative plans.
This is what we are fully committed to doing during this time:
-Maceo, with his choir, will perform in a Christmas concert. He has a small solo - very exciting!
-Maceo, with his acting troupe, will give a Christmas performance.
-Maceo's troupe will have a holiday party.
-Bishop, with his cub scout troop, will march in the Christmas parade.
-We will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary!
-We will work at the food pantry.

This is what we hope to include:
-celebrate St. Nicholas Day and the Feast of St. Lucy.
-celebrate Hanukkah.
-make gingerbread houses.
-make cookies and candies.
-deliver goodies to our neighbors.
-have the cub scouts over for milk and cookies.
-feed the birdies.
-make cinnamon and applesauce ornaments.
-make epsom salt votives.
-make luminarias.
-see A Christmas Story at the community theatre.
-see a new movie at the theater as a family.
-have a family movie night at home to watch Christmas classics.
-and, of course, decorate the Christmas tree as a family.

This last item I hope to do tomorrow evening, reminiscing about Christmases past while munching on sugar cookies and sipping hot chocolate.

I look forward to each activity on the list yet, I have learned, to be flexible, to let some things go, if necessary, so that each moment can simply be savored!

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