Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Virtual Holiday Open House

Welcome to our home...let me show you around!
First, please help yourself to a cookie and a cup of hot chocolate made just the way you wish...
maybe with some peppermint and whipped cream...
or make it extra chocolatey or make it a caramel delight!
Now bring it along while we take a look around.
The living room is always home to my nativities.  There are vintage ones on the mantel and this delightfully beautiful one on a console table.
There are three more nativities on the tv armoire along with a vintage tree and several little vintage houses.  A simple yet charming vignette!

The door between the dining room and kitchen is home to one of my all time favorite Christmas decorations and the first one to be put on display each year - this gorgeous wreath made by Bishop many years ago.
My kitschier decorations are on full display in the kitchen.  I love this ceramic Christmas tree made for me by my younger sister, Christie.
The cute little Santa pot holder was given to me by Christian when he was in Kindergarten, twenty-one years ago!
Vintage snowmen, elves, Santas, and dwarves are tucked in little spots all over the kitchen.  They make me smile!

Pixies and such can be found on the window ledge, each of them looking for just the right Christmas tree.

There are vintage angels flanking a photo of my beloved Granny...
and carolers ready to regale me with their Christmas tunes.

Brightly colored and seriously sparkled bits and baubles adorn my dining room buffet...

...and china cabinet.

The china cabinet is also home to the pieces of our nativity set that make their way progressively to the dining room table as the Christmas story unfolds.

Baby Jesus will arrive on Christmas morning!
Even the bathroom gets festooned with a little bit of holiday cheer!

I love being enveloped by the Christmas lights after evening has descended.
I find it to be peaceful!!!

I hope you enjoyed your cup of Christmas cheer and the little tour of our bedazzled home.
Happy Holidays!

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