Thursday, December 10, 2015

Another Happy Hanukkah!

previous post explains why and how we celebrate Hanukkah.
We love to recognize the great things that God has done throughout all of history.
God is great!
This book is wonderful and has the most amazing illustrations.  I highly recommend it.
Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of all, who performed wondrous deeds for our ancestors in days of old at this season.
Decorations that Keegan made adorn our tree!
Blessed are You,  Adonai our God, Sovereign of all, for giving us life, for sustaining us, and for enabling us to reach this season.
A new addition to our festivities.  I purchased this at the Passages exhibit just for Hanukkah and Passover.
The menorah stands ready to be lit and the dreidls are ready to be spun.

Latkes are always enjoyed.  We should really have them more than once a year.

We kindle these lights because of the wondrous deliverance You performed for our ancestors.  During these days of Hanukkah, these lights are sacred; we are not to use them but only to behold them, so that their glow may rouse us to give thanks for Your wondrous acts of deliverance.

Happy Hanukkah!

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